Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 5

Hola todos!

Another week done! I got my travel plans in the mail this week. Which means that everything with my visa stuff worked out and i'm good to go straight to Argentina!! Woo! I leave the SLC airport for Atlanta at 11:06 am on August 25th, and then i'll get to the Atlanta airport at 4:50 pm, and then a 4 hour lay over, and then my flight for Argentina leaves at 9:08 pm, and i'll get to the Buenos Aires Airport at 8:20 am on tuesday, August 26th. So I fly all day and all that night, and then once I get to Buenos Aires, I hear that we have a 10+ hour bus ride to Resistencia. I'm going with a group of 20 other missionaries here at the MTC, there's so many of us going to Resistencia, it's a growing mission. So I won't be by myself or anything, I'll have friends with me the whole way!

More simply put,
SLC 11:06am- ATL 4:50pm
ATL 9:08pm- BUENOS AIRES 8:20am

Anyways, I can't believe it's already almost here to go to Argentina. I'm super excited, super nervous about espanol, nervous about the salvation of people souls, but excited to actually be doing real work in the field, it's just a moshpit of mixed feelings, but mostly I feel ready and excited to start getting to work! 

This week has been really really good, just about the same as ever other week here! The only exciting thing that happened was the travel plans really, the rest of the week was just studying all day. Something really important that i've been learning this week is how to make yourself happy and positive, all the time. I'm understanding that you're going to be as happy as make yourself, which was never something I believed before my mission, but i'm understanding it now. Perservering to the end can be tough, but all we really have to do is just be grateful and happy for whatever you're doing right at this moment. Just be happy and always completely enjoy youself in the present, take it day by day, and enduring life is easy. Life by the yard is hard, but life by the inch is a sinche. Enjoy the ride, find out ways you can change your attitude for whatever and all situations you are in! Easier said then done, but i've had one of the most happy, stess free weeks  ever here. There's nothing ever worth stessing out about, just enjoy the present, and work as hard as you can!

There's nothing much else to report. I love my district so much, we have so much fun every night. I've never laughed harder in my life then I did last night and these past weeks, i've never grown so close to a group of people so fast before! I am so super ready to start sharing the gospel with people and to start my long journey. I want you all to know that while I've been in the MTC, my testimony has been strengthened tenfold. I believe with all surety in my heart that God and Jesus Christ are real, that God is our Heavenly Father and He loves us more than we can imagine, and through Jesus Christ's atonement, we can find peace and solace in this life. I'm going into the mission field with the mentality that I know there are people prepared to recieve my message, I know God is going to always be watching me and the Holy Ghost will direct me to where I need to go.

I hope everyone is doing great!!
               Elder Miles

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