Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Elder Miles and Elder Miles

Sept. 28th 2015

Family and Friends!

Big news!! I got emergency transferred. Its not that I did anything bad or anything, someone went home and I was transferred to fill their gap. BUT, I am now in downtown Resistencia, my area is called Rio Negro, and I am the new zone leader of the zone Resistencia 1. BUT, the very coolest part is that my companion is: Elder Miles!!!!!! Wooooo!!!! Do you guys remember how I told you about the other Elder Miles that is in this mission and we were in the MTC and in Barranqueras together? Yep. We are companions. My first american companion in the mission. I am so happy!! We are truly brothers, I have never had such a good friend in the mission. His name is Garren Miles. So every contact that we do everybody asks.. "Why do you guys have the same exact name? Elder Miles? Are you brothers?" haha. But its awesome, we have a ton of unity and we are super good friends. God has blessed me.. I feel so humbled to be a zone leader. So I got transferred last thursday. On wednesday we had interviews with President Franco in Corrientes and he told me in the interview that I was going to get transferred and be a zone leader, and that my companion was going to be Elder Miles. Haha. It was so funny. It was sad for me to finally leave Corrientes after being there for 7 months but I LOVE Resistencia, its such a neat cool city and I love being so close to the biggest parks and the most downtown that there is in this mission. Our church building is the mission office, or in other words, where all the missionaries go every time we have a mission conference with all the missionaries and it is the biggest church that there is in my mission. In my ward, Rio Negro, there actually arent that many members, we had an attendance of 70 people this last sunday. But I already love this place, coming back to Resistencia has been great for me. The ward here is super cool, the bishop is great and I love being so close to President Franco. We dont have very many members in our area, in fact we dont have a single lunch with members, so we cook all our food ourselves. BUT, I am just so happy to be with Elder Miles here in Resistencia. This week we basically started from zero with investigators, Elder Miles and his companion had to spend a lot of time last week in the office talking to president because his companion went to his house, so they havent been working in their area very much. So Elder Miles and I are just contacting a lot and we actually found a lot of people with huge potental this week. The most promising investigators that found are Sebastian and Antonela, they were a reference from a guy in our ward. They are a young couple, he is catholic and she is evangelist, and they cant seem to agree on religion, but when they heard the restoration they liked it because they could kind of find stable ground and they said that they are looking for a religion that they can both agree on. So we are going to work with them a lot this week. The area is super pretty, half of it is like farm/country land with the pretty river "rio negro" and the other half is like city. Its a hard area but I am liking it. This week I have been learning all the responsablilites of zone leader. Elder Miles is a good teacher. We are super good friends, we are talking all the time and I know that we are going to be good friends for life. I really want to be the best zone leader that I can be to show God that I am grateful for the blessings that he has given to me. So this was a great week for me, truly an answer to my prayers. All is well! I hope that you guys are all doing good! Thank you for your emails and support. I will be sending pictures next week! 

-Elder Miles (Trevor) haha.

Paso de La Patria photos

​1. The sign on the zoo gate. It says Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Dang Williams.
2. Me catching a huge fish.
3. The beach at Paso de La Patria


21st of September- Zoo failure

Friends & Family-

How are ya? This week was pretty good for us. Another week down. We saw a ton of blessings. We are working a lot in a neighborhood in our area called Doctor Montaña, which means, Doctor Mountain. The son of Doctor Pepper. haha. We found two boys named David and Adrian, they have a lot of potential. They both have had really hard lifes with family members passing away and they have a lot problems with drugs, but they want to change their lifes and they are really sincere. We are still working with Daniel and Alejandra but they didnt come to church this week. Last but not least we have Mariana, she goes to church with her aunt and uncle, Gonzalez Family, but her family is very catholic and we are still working on getting permission from her mom so that she can be baptized.. They all live in Doctor Montaña, so we are basically there almost all day now and we are contacting a lot there and we are finding a lot of people with potential. We had never gone to this neighborhood before because its really far away. We are seeing a lot of blessings there! 

Today for P day we went to a place called Paso de la Patria because there is a zoo there and we wanted to do something different this week so we decided to go. Ever since I came to Corrientes I have wanted to go to this zoo because I LOVE zoos and P day here is getting super boring. Its like a 45 minute drive. We went with Elder Williams and Elder Diaz. Elder Williams talked to a lot of people about when its open and everything and we talked to a lot of members and they all said that we would be good to go. So we went in a traveling van called a convey, a hot stuffy little van with like 20 other people in it. So we finally get there, right, we get to the big zoo gate, and its closed. They are only opened Saturday and Sunday and holidays. Boooo. There was a police man guy in the gate and we almost convinced him to let us in because we are from other countries but he didnt let us in. So we went to the beach in Paso de La Patria. Its a cool little town. On the other side of the river is Paraguay, so I got to see Paraguay. And then we went back. So we just got back like 15 minutes ago, we blew our whole P day. Haha. But we had fun.

This week should be a great week, I am super excited to keep working here. We are seeing a lot of success in the future and I am enjoying being with my companion. The mission is dificult but so rewarding. I am learning so much. I hope that you are all doing well, thank you for all the support. 

I will be sending pictures in a seperate emial.

Elder Miles

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


​The first picture is Sister Guillermina, her kids, my companion and I (she gives us lunch sundays), the second picture is the Gonzalez family and I (the husband is a recent convert), the third picture is a zone activity that we had, we played ping pong and volleyball and ate choripan, and the last picture is my pet lizard. Chomper 2.


The first picture is all of my MTC friends, we are celebrating our year mark at a multi zone conference. The second picture I draw to motivate a less active member and we shared it with her along with the scripture. The third picture is Elder Diaz and I, he is from Cordoba. We did divisions last week, he is awesome.

Sept 7th - 13th

to Austin, Bailey, Granny, Jana, jeremebwhite, me, Mcrae, Michelle, Randall, Nat, Roger, Sierra, Stephenie, Sydney, Weston
Family & Friends-

This was a good week, a lot of difficulties but a lot of blessings. We tried our best to be super obedient. We learned that almost all problems in the companionship come from a lack of communication. So this week we made more of an effort to try to understand one another and explain ourselves clearly and its true, we have a lot more unity and things are going a lot better. Sunday at church we had 9 investigators at church. Woo! This week while contacting we found a woman named Alejandra. Her husband, Daniel, is a member from La Costanera, but for the last 20 years he has been inactive. Alejandra and her 2 kids came to church this week. Hopefully next sunday Daniel will be able to come as well. Then we had the Perez Family. Vanessa, the mom, is a less active member. Her husband and 3 kids came to church. We had Mariana, the niece of the Gonzalez Family (recent converts) that always assists but her mom has problems with her being baptized, and least but not least, Sister Guillermina, who has been going to church for a year now but needs her divorce to go through before she can be baptized. So sunday was a super happy day for us. On saturday we participated in the worldwide service project for the church, here in Corrientes we planted 30 trees in the Costanera. The Costanera is the biggest, prettiest city in Corrientes and there is a nice beach on the Parana River. We planted trees in a strip of grass in between the beach and the main road. All of the missionaries partipated and some of the members came too. So that was super fun to be with all the missionaries in Corrientes and I got to see all my friends from Armenia. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and I didnt take any pictures.

Things are going a lot better, I am liking this area and I am liking my companion more. I am learning a lot here. I testify of the gospel of Jesus Christ and his atonement.. that true peace and joy in this life are achieved through the reconciliation of the gospel. I love the words of Nephi when he always said that he "loves plainess".. I have learned that I love a plain way of living, a clean way of living. Obviously Im not perfect but I know that through grace and mercy of Jesus Christ I can feel the sanctifying power of the Holy Ghost and I know that I can be at one with my redentor through living the beautiful principles of the gospel. 

I believe its true that through obedience to the laws of the gospel that we can come to know the truth of ALL THINGS, all the mysteries of God.. but only through obedience and after the trial of our faith do we learn the divinity of them. This week and throughout all of my mission I have become my own first convert.

All things are well! I hope that you all have a great week, thank you for your emails and support. 

Elder Miles

Aug 24th - 30th

Hello family!

This was pretty good! Actually it was probably one of the hardest weeks of the mission yet but I learned a lot. All of the investigators that we had fell through, but we found some other new good investigators but they didnt come to church this sunday. The first week of being here was super good but this week it got a little harder, things are a little rougher with my companion but I am learning a lot of patience and charity. But we are being very obedient and we are seeing a lot of blessings from that. I like being with Elder Gonzalez because we work hard and we have at least 3 lessons everyday, which is really good for us. For some reason the water in our apartment stopped working.. and all week we were living without water, which is a lot more difficult than you think! haha. Bucket showers, buying all the water for drinking, we couldnt wash dishes, etc. That was trial. But luckily we got it fixed today and the drought has ended. Yay! This week we had a multi-zone conference and I got to see all my friends from the MTC for the first time since we have completed the year mark, we took photos. Next week is transfers, so my P day will be tuesday. 

FAMILY! Thank you for the small package and letters, I loved it. I am giving a ton of stickers away to the all the kids we talk to and they love me, so thanks Nat! 

I dont really have anything else to say, I hope that you are all doing great, thank you for the emails and support!

Elder Miles

Aug 24th


This week was pretty good, I am liking how things are going here in Maipu. Its basically the same thing as Armenia because its like 10 minutes away.. So its just different neighborhoods but basically the same thing. We have the same amount of members here and there are a lot of great members, so thats great. I am with Elder Gonzalez, he is from Mexico, he is big and tall and we get along pretty well. He looks to joke around and have fun but we work super hard, we are having a lot of success here finding people to teach, we are busy all the time running to appointments that we have. I love having a lot of people to teach that are progressing. We live in an apartment that is across the street from the church. It is a pretty nice apartment, its a double decker just like the last one, the zone leaders live above us. It is super big and kind of old, its hard to keep it clean and no one else really makes an effort to keep it clean so its just always a mess. Its fun to have the zone leaders above us. They are Elder Laiz from Buenos Aires Argentina, and Elder Soto from Peru. They are both cool. But I miss Elder Dana and Allred a ton!.. It was super hard for me to say goodbye to Armenia so fast after being there for so long, I dont get to say goodbye to any of the members and I have been missing it a lot this week. But this sunday it was District conference (the same thing as stake conference but for districts) so I got to see a lot of the members from Armenia there and a lot of them wrote me notes and were really said that I left. We had an investigator come to church on Sunday!! WOOOO! Her name is Guadelupe, she was  a reference from a member and SHE called US and asked us to come visit her. How strange is that?! But she is awesome, she is fighting against a lot of depression and she feels the need to join a church in her life, so we shared with her about the church and the restoration and the BOok of mormon, and its a lot of new stuff for her all at once but I think she is liking it all. She came to church and seemed to like it, so we are going to see how it goes this week teaching her. We have a few other progressing investigators but none that came to church this week, but we are hoping that they will progress more and come to church this week. We found 2 different people this week that are depressed in their lives and dont have the desires to keep living, and I really know that God sent us to them to give them hope. I felt like an instrument in the Lords hands when we talked to them about Gods love for them and the reasons why we are here on this earth.. And I really feel like we said to them what Jesus Christ would personally say to them if he were there to give them the motivation that they need to keep living. So those were some spiritual experiences that I will never forget. We are having a lot of success and I feel like it is because we are being exactly obedient. I dont think I have ever been so exactly obedient before on my mission and now I am seeing the blessing big time. People are coming up to US on the streets and are calling US so that we come visit them, instead of us calling them and us knocking their door. God surely is blessing us. I have a lot more motivation now.. A lot of the pressure and stress that I was feeling last week was all taken off my shoulders.. I am super grateful. 

Funny/scary dog experience!: There was a 19 year old boy this week named Juan José that came up to us that asked us if we could visit him at his house. So we set an appointment and we went over there later that day but he wasnt there. But, his dog was there, and his dog came bursting out of the house and almost attacked us, and we got out of there by inches. The next day, yesterday, we went and tried to visit him again and Juan was there outside of the alley way that leads to his house. So he invited us to come to his house to talk so we followed him, but we were super hesitant because of the dog that tried to attack us. But it was all good, he put his chairs out in the backyard and we sat down. He went inside for something, and while he was inside, his dog came out. And his huge mean dog started inching toward us.. growling and bearing his teeth.. and we were cornered. haha. We were literally in the corner of his little back yard and we had no where to run, and we yelled "Juan jose!! Juan jose!" but he didnt hear or something, I dont know what the heck he was doing in there but for like 5 minutes we were there in the corner as the dog came closer and closer.. and my big mexican companion was freaking out and I just kept telling him "easy.. easy.. dont move, dont move" haha. They were the longest most stressful 5 minutes of my life. Then, right before we were doomed to be mauled.. Juan Jose came out and yelled at the dog and it left. So we talked to Juan, we taught about the restoration, he has a lot of problems with drugs and stuff so we are going to see if he progresses or not, and we finished. And we walked out to the front and we waited for Juan to come because he went inside again and he was going to accompany us out of the alley to the street. And then I saw the dog come bursting out of the house again, and it looked in the back yard and didnt find us, and then it realized that we were out front in the alleyway, and came running at us. I pushed my companion behind me and said "its coming!!!!" and I was gone. haha. When it comes to dogs you only have to be faster than your companion. And we ran out of that alley way so fast but not fast enough, my companion turned around and tried the "I am bigger and scarier than you" technique and just threw his arms up and yelled as loud as it could "FUERA!!!" "OUT!!!" haha. and it worked, it got scared and we escaped. So that was an adrenaline rush, we almost got bit. 

The new zone is pretty cool, today for p day we had a zone activity where we played volleyball and ping pong in the church and a member made us choripan, which is like super good sausage on bread, and while we ate it we watched 17 miracles. It was way fun. I have pictures but my camera isnt working with this computer. Dang.

That was my week, things are going well! I had a lot of hard experiences but  a lot of spiritual experiences. But thats how it is, right? If you want to learn things in this life, or if you want to do something thats worth while, its going to be hard. Like my dad always says, all things that are worth while are hard. I hope that you are all doing great, thank you for your support and emails. Have a great week!

Elder Miles



So yesterday myldsmail wasnt working and I only got to write for an hour, so today I get to write for another hour. But I dont have anything more to say than that the assistants called me this morning and told me that I am getting transferred to Maipu, Corrientes. Its like 15 minutes away from where I was before in Armenia. So its not that much of a change. I am going to be with Elder Gonzalez from Mexico. I will be there for at least the rest of this transfer, so three more weeks, and then I could stay there or I could leave. All I know about Maipu is that they have a huge apartment that they share with the zone leaders and that they have church in the afternoon hours. So that is pretty exciting, I already know Elder Gonzalez pretty well, he loves to talk to people and is pretty friendly. For today I am with my zone leaders and after I get down writing here I am going to pack my bags and I will be on my way. It will be sad for me to leave Armenia, I have been here for 6 months, a fourth of my mission and I have grown to love it, but I am excited for a change. So we will see how Maipu goes, I will talk to you guys next week!

Elder Miles


I was making them feel bad because of how tall I am so I decided to stand in the middle. 



How are ya?.. I hope that everyone is doing good. This week was pretty alright, the biggest news is that this morning Elder de Freitas packed his bags and left for Uruguay, he decided that he couldnt handle it anymore and he is going back home. So that is pretty sad for me. Right now I am with the zone leaders, Elder Dana and Elder Allred (Arizona). We are going to come back to the cyber later today at like 4 or 5 argentina time and I am going to attach a funny picture from my camera of us 3. They are both like more than 6 feet tall and the make me look like a midget. haha. I still dont know what is going to happen to me, if I am going to go to another area or if a new companion will come here or if a will just stay the rest of the transfer with the zone leaders. Whatever happens I know that the Lord knows where I need to be and who I need to be with, so I trust in Him and in President Franco that I will do what I need to do. I am down for whatever really. I am excited to work hard!

This week we (us missionaries) organized an activity in our branch where on Friday night we watched Meet The Mormons in the church with a projecture on the wall, like a movie theatre night in the church with popcorn and everything. We made nice invitations last p day and all week we passed them out when we did contacts in the street and when we knocked doors, we invited more than 300 people. Well, in the end, about 50 members came and we didnt have a single investigator come, so it wasnt too big of a success but it was fun. If you havent seen Meet the Mormons yet, YOU NEED TO. Its awesome, I love it. We are going to watch again during P day today. But, apart from that, nothing too exciting happened this week, just the same old. 

Thats about it for me! I hope that you all have a great week, thank you for your emails and support.

Elder Miles

10th of August 2015


This week was alright! I hope that you are all doing great. Not too much to tell this week, the good part is that Elder de Freitas is still with me and is still sticking it out for these first few hard months of his mission. He is getting more used to this mission little by little, I know that it is still really hard for him. This week he started talking more in the lessons and I have won a little bit more of his confidence. It is a little tough for me right now, I am getting a little bit burned out and I am fighting against the desmotivation but I am sticking in there. This week we didnt have any investigators come to church, I think all the investigators we had have all fallen out of contact with us. So this week we have just been looking for new investigators, we are contacting a lot and sometimes it stresses me out because I know that is really hard on Elder de Freitas to knock doors all day and it would really help us if we could find someone to teach. But it is going okay, we are having little forms of success and tender mercies from the Lord everyday and we are both learning a lot. Please keep on it with the prayers for Elder de Freitas! 

I am loving our new zone leaders that live above us, Elder Dana and Elder Allred, both from Arizona. They help me out a lot and we have a ton of fun. I already know that we are going to be super good friends.

Thats about all for this week! I hope you all have a great week, thank you for your emails and support. 

Elder Miles


Hola familia, amigos mios!

How is everyone? This was good for me! Pretty interesting. I was with Elder Regalado (a missionary from colombia in my zone who is also training) until wednesday. We went and discovered new land in my area since they took out the sisters and my area is a little bigger now. Pretty cool! More lunches with members! haha. And then the day came! Wednesday. We went to Resistencia to pick up the new missionaries. I am with Elder de Freitas, from Uruguay! He is a good little guy. He comes from a family of all members, he got baptized when he was 10 years old, he is 19 years old and he worked as a carpinter before the mission. He was in the Buenos Aires MTC for two weeks. He is very shy and timid and its hard for him to talk to people but he tries hard. So we got back to my area and started working. Unfortunately, the second day he told me that he wanted to go home. I was very distraught. Not again!.. He misses his family a lot. We went to Resistencia the next day and president Franco talked to him, his family talked to him, and we managed to get him to agree to staying at least for 1 transfer. So we went back to the area and we worked all this week, things are getting better, he says that he isnt missing his family so much so I think we might be able to save him! I am just trying super hard right now to help him feel comfortable here and to be constantly talking to him so that he doesnt have time to think about his family. We are being really obedient, and more than anything I am just trying to have fun with him so that he sees that yes, the mission is hard, but it can also be really fun. So I could really use all your prayers for Elder de Freitas this week! I feel a lot of pressure and stress. If only missionaries can stay for the first 12 weeks or so it gets easier from there.. And then the mission starts to change their lifes.  So I really hope that he can stick it out because I know that the mission will bless his life!

Apart from that, this week was good! We are still working with Dani, he is progressing real. I love seeing him follow through with his commitments and he is starting to see the truthfulness of the gospel. Thats what makes the mission all worth it. If he comes to church this sunday is possible that he gets baptized in two weeks! But besides that, we are just looking for new investigators! Winter ended here. Its already SO HOT. It should still be winter!!! What happened?! The photo attached is Elder de Freitas and I with his uruguay flag! 

Hey! We will be coming back to the cyber in a few hours because we got some things we gotta do. If I didnt respond to your email yet, I will respond to it later day! Also, if you would like to chat with me, I will be on at like 4 ish argentina time, 12ish utah time! Thanks for all your emails and support! 

Elder Miles

July 20th - 26th 2015

Friends and Family!

How is everyone? This week went super well. A lot of good things happened. First of all, we had interviews with president Franco on Tuesday. President Frandco is the best mission presidente that I could ask for, he is such a good example for me. He is super dedicated to the work of the Lord. He is firm and strict with his rules, but he leads with love. He is understanding and affecionate. He isnt a mission presidente that gets mad when we do somehthing wrong, but he corrects us with love and helps us understand why we do things the way we do. He is super cool. He lived like 10 minutes away from our house, he lives right next door to the Oquirrh Temple! He was the presidente of the Draper Temple. I respect him a lot. And then on saturday, we had the baptism of Lionel Acosta! He is the boy that I told you about that lives in the area of Elder Pacheco and Elder Stout that is 9 years old. He lives with his grandma who is a member that Elder Pacheco recently reactivated. Then he started to teach her grandkids, and thats how we found Lio! So true reactivation of less active members always brings baptisms. I helped teach him a little bit since I have been with the zone leaders this past transfer. His baptism was perfect, everything went well, Elder Pacheco baptized him. A lot of members came. It was Elder Stout`s first baptism, so that was happy. Then on sunday we had his confirmation. Also on sunday in the evening, the branch put on a farewell party for Elder Pacheco! A ton of members came, and we had a little devotional where the missionaries sang a pretty hymn, Elder Pacheco gave his farewell testimony talk and all the members that wanted to say good things about him could go up to the pulpit and bare their testimony. It was sad to realize that he was really leaving but it was a fun activity. Then later that night, we recieved the news about transfers! SO, here it is. The Lord wants me to have another opportunity to train again. Tomorrow I will be going to Resistencia to pick up the new missionary and we will be staying here in my area in Armenia 1! I am super grateful for the opportunity that I will have to try training out again, I hope that this time things go a little better and that my new missionary can find himself comfortable in the mission. I am going to do everything I can to give this new missionary the best training experience that he could recieve. More than anything I just hope that I can be his best friend and help him through the difficult changes of being new in the mission. I am stoked to still be here in armenia, I love Armenia. Also, Elder Stout got transferred! As well as the sisters that were here in Armenia, they got taken out. So, keeping in mind that Elder Pacheco finished his mission and went home, I am the only lone survivor of the missionaries in Armenia! The new zone leaders that live in the apartment above us are Elder Dana and Elder Allred. Elder Dana has 11 months in the mission, and Elder Allred is from my MTC group, he has the same amount of time as me. I think they are both from Arizona, but I will have to double check on that. They arrived last night, I havent really gotten the chance to meet them very much yet because for the past two days I have been with Elder Regalado (from Colombia) who is also training as well, we are together because we both dont have companions, We are in his area right now (La Costanera) which is next to my area. He is an awesome missionary, super funny, super columbiano. Tomorrow we will be going together to Resistencia to get our new missionaries. ALSO, since the sisters were taken out of Armenia, their area has been split up into two pieces, and the zone leaders and I will each be taking a piece of their area. So we were 6 missionaries in armenia, with 3 areas, but now we are 4 missionaries with 2 areas. So I have a lot more area now, new space to roam and new people to meet! That should be good, because I was getting a little tired of my area. haha. It was pretty small. Now my area is gigantic. I am super happy about all the changes, it should be fun to get to know Elder Dana and Elder Allred. I already know that both of them are awesome missionaries. They both speak really good spanish. I am super excited to start training! I would truly appreciate it if all you guys could pray for my new missionary that I am training so that he can feel comfortable here and that I can help show him how great the mission is. So we will see how this first week goes! I know that the Lord will be right there with me helping me every step of the way. I am nervous but excited, I know that if I trust in the Lord he will help me know what I should do. Thank you all for your support, I hope that you have a great week! Thank you for your emails!

Elder Miles

P.S., attached are a few photos! The first picture is a cake that I made that turned out delicious. WHAT?! I learned how to make cake? Thats cool. It was for the birthday of Elder Mejia (Mexico), he was serving in La Costanera (the area next to me, the ex companion of Elder Regalado, but he just got transfered). Then the next picture is all of the elders from the zone of Corrientes 2. We all got together to say good bye to Elder Pacheco. Then the last photo is Lio´s baptism with Elder Pacheco, Elder Stout and I. 

July 20th, 2015


This week went really well! Just the same old. This week Abel couldnt go out on divisions with me as much, so I only got to work in my area for 2 days this week. But we are finding a lot people to teach! I dont think there has ever been a time in this area where we have had so much success in finding people to teach. The few days that we do get out in my area, we are super busy. Unfortunately, we didnt have anybody come to church this sunday. Thats probably the biggest obstacle in my area and in the entire mission, is having attendance in the church. And if you dont have church attendance you dont have baptisms. But we are also seeing that almost all of our investigators have social fear, like they are afraid what their friends and family are gonig to think if they go to the LDS church because a lot of people here are very judgemental about religion. We are still working with Dani and Erika, but they arent progressing as much anymore! Its sad not to see investigators progress. But in the area of Elder Stout and Pacheco (the zone leaders that I am in a trio with), we are having more success! This saturday we will have the baptism of Lionel, he is 9 years old and he goes to church with his grandma. He is super smart and he is excited to get baptized. So that should be a lot of fun! We also should have more baptisms in the near future of a few other teenagers that we are working with. Their names are Emiliano and Santiago, they are from Formosa but they recently moved in with their aunt Zara, who is a member of the church. So we have definitely been seeing the blessings of working with members in order to have baptisms!

Transfers will be next week, so P day will be on tuesday instead of monday. That also means that my best friend Elder Pacheco is going home! His time in the mission has come to an end, he goes back to Chile this coming tuesday. Im going to miss him, he has been a huge help for me on the mission! I guess we will see whats going to happen to me, maybe I will go to a new area. I would be happy to stay here in armenia, I love armenia!

I hit the year mark this past thursday! I cant believe how fast the mission has gone. This first year has been such a learning experience for me. I have had so many trials but I have learned so many things that are going to benefit me for the rest of my life. It really has been quite the test of my faith but I feel like I have managed to come out on top. I am glad to say that know that what I am doing is where I need to be and that I know the church is true, that Christ lives and loves me. Above all my testimony has been strengthed on the atonement. I have never understood the atonement and the gospel like how I do now, its hard to explain the things that I have learned. I have experienced some of the best of times on mission too, I have never had such good of friends like Elder Morrin and Elder Pacheco. This coming year, I am hoping that I can just be completely dedicated and consecrated to the work. I want to work hard this year and not regret anything. Its going to be a great year, I am excited to start applying rather than learning. 

This week for a family home evening that we had with a family, we watched the mormon message "earthly father, heavenly father". I love this video, I recommend all of you to watch it. I love that quote at the end that says "Of all the titles of respect and honor and admiration that are given to deity, he has asked us to address us as father". I testify that its true, I know that my heavenly father is watching after my every step, he us guiding me towards people that are willing to hear the message of the restoration. I know that he is conscious of every trial and test he gives, and I know that its for our own progress.

Well thats all I have for this week! I hope that you all have a great week, thank you for your support!

Elder Miles