Monday, December 15, 2014

Week ending Dec 14th

Hola hola
I have the computer that cant do exclamation points or question marks again. BUT, I am VERY happy to be here and I had a killer week.
Actually, nothing too big at all happened this week. We knocked a ton of doors and found some pretty good new investigators. We had an older lady come to church this past sunday named Irene, and she brought her 6 year old grandson, and the grandson didnt want to go into primary and he was just throwing a huge fit, and he ended up running away and we all had to go search and find him. It was a stressful, dramatic sunday but Irene said she liked the church and she wants to come again. She has a baptismal date for thrid of january. We are still teaching Carlos, we got him to commit to quit smoking, so he should be set for his baptism on the 27th of december. WOOO. SO EXCITED
We had a huge activity in our church this week where a ton of different choirs came from different churches and they all sang. It was really cool, we watched the He is the Gift video and we all super felt the Spirit. The other choirs we really good.
Elder Nava and I really grow a TON stronger together this past week. We really are pretty good friends even though our differences every now and then. We have a great friendship now... It makes the mission a lot lot easier when you love your companion.

Enrique, our baptism from last week is still doing awesome, I will never ever forget him, he is aweesome. It wouldnt surprise me to see him in the bishopric in a few years. haha.
Well thats about all for this week, nothing too exciting. I hope you are all doing great and are enjoying the Christmas season. Remember to think about Christ and everything he has done for us. Thank you all for your emails
Love, Elder Miles

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