Monday, December 15, 2014

Week ending Dec 7, 201

Hola todos
The exclamation key is broken on this keyboard, so I sound not very enthusiased but i really am, we had an awesome week. It was Elder Navas birthday this week, so we went to a bakery that we really like and the lady gave us a free cake. WOO. And the neighbors upstairs from our apartment brought us a cake and a firework too, it was really fun.
The best thing that happened this week was the ENRIQUES BAUTISM. YEAHHH haha. He was baptized on saturday and confirmed on sunday. I got the opportunity to do the actual baptism, so that was really really neat experience for me. We got there about an early to the church to make sure everything was going to run smoothly, and we came to find that the baptismal fonts water pump was BROKEN. So we rounded up all the Elders in the area and we all grabbed buckets and ran in and out of the church to the water well, fill up the buckets with water at the well, and run back into the church and dump them out to fill up the buckets. Elder Coates of our district stood in the water well and hoisted our buckets up to us. He was covered in mud after. haha. We all scrambled to fill up the font but eventually we were able to get enough water in there. Haha. It was an experience I will not forget. And then the baptism for Enrique went really smoothly, and after he was baptized we all sung Mas Cerca de Dios, A Ti, which in english is Nearer My God to Me, which is my favorite. So that baptism was perfect, I loved it. In that moment I realized that I have had my first success in what ive been trying to do for the last six months, and I realized how far I have come. It was an amazing day, I was super happy.
Another crazy thing that happened is that I was part of a super gnarly bus crash this week. We had just finished a zone conference and we were headed back to our area with Elder Batt and Pena in a bus. For the bus system in Argentina they just try to cram as many people as they can on one bus. One school bus sized bus the squeeze like  people in, and about half the people have to stand up because there arent enough seats. So there we were driving a long in the bus, all four of us were standing up, and all of the sudden we felt a little bump and we were on top of the curb, and then we went straight into a huge brick wall of the Argentina army base. We went through a brick wall and hit a tree. All of the people that were standing up on the bus launched like 5  feet forward and right smack into the ground. Haha. I had never seen anything like it, it was like a sea of bodies. haha. I describe it really morbidly but it was crazy. Everyone standing up was just scattered. I didnt actually fall very much, I just fell back on someone else, but the other elders fell pretty good. We still dont know what happened, we just know that the bus driver lost control somehow and crashed into the wall. We went from like 60 miles per hour to 0 in like not even a second. Turns out that only 2 people went to the hospital, im not sure what for. The front of the bus was destroyed. WE WENT THROGH A BRICK WALL. I have to believe that angels were protecting the mormon missionaries in that bus. haha. After we crashed we got off the bus, looked around for a minute, and we went and got on another bus and we were on our way. haha. I will not forget it.
This month being december, the church is using this christmas season to find ways to get the message of the restoration out to the world. I dont know if you guys have heard about or seen anything lately. In spanish, its called El es La Dadiva, which means, He is the gift. I guess the church bought some pages on youtube and stuff, and as missionaries we have little cards we hand out while we are knocking doors that have a picture of Mary and baby Jesus. Is a way to show that Mormons do believe in Christ, and we are trying to help people have a Christ centered chrismas this here. I really love it a lot, its exactly the way Christmas should be. If you havent seen the He is the Gift video yet, watch it. It is awesome.
I had the chance to do divisions this week with Elder Batt, it was really really good for me. Divisions is where the district leader comes to my area for a full day and Elder Nava leaves with his companion, we switch for a day. But, he let me take a lot of control, and I got to try to do everything basically by myself, and it went really well. We found a lot of new investigators that day and had a lot of really good lessons. I felt pretty good that I was able to direct the area.
We got to do two service projects this week. For one sister in our area, we painted the front of her house for her. It was pretty fun. And for the other, we helped a family move a big pile of rocks from their front yard to their back yard. haha. It was really nice to have a break from knocking doors for a little bit.
This coming saturday, we are going to have a huge activity in our church where choirs from all different churchs are going to come and sing in our church building. Choirs from catholic churchss, evangelist churchs, even a group of grandmas from Paraguay that sing a different language. And the Elders in my district are going to sing two songs as well. So that is going to be really fun and cool.
Well thats about all, I had a really super good, very fun, crazy week this week. Im learning a ton of new things every day. The mission is really hard but very rewarding. Thats the way life works. Im very excited to help more people come unto Christ. It was amazing to see Enrique enter into the most important path that he will ever walk.. I love being a missionary and sharing the message of the Restoration. I am not going to have any time to write anybody individually this week since this email was so long, but I hope you all have a good week and are enjoying the coming christmas season. Remember to think about Christ, all that he has done for you. Love you all
Elder Miles

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