Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week ending Feb 8th


I hope you are all doing good! I had a stellar week! I GOT TRANSFERED YESTERDAY. Wooooooooooooooooooo!! I am now in a place called Armenia. It is in the providence of Corrientes, which is the hardest providence of the mission to baptize. I am now with Elder Morales, he is from Ecuador. So I am still yet to have an american companion, but I actually really like it like that because my spanish will always keep improving with latinos! He is a pretty cool elder! In my area, Armenia, we have WALMART and MCDONALDS and SUBWAY. WHAT?!?!?! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! It is the only area in my entire mission that has walmart and mcdonalds, it is awesome. So this area that I am is a bit nicer, its still not as rich as like America but its a step up from my old area! But that just means that the people will be more prideful and it will be harder to find investigators. But I am stoked to be here, I am super happy for the change of areas and I am excited to learn all that I can from Elder Morales. He has about a year and a half in the mission. The apartment is a lot nicer too, I am in heaven with the apartment. It doesnt have a single cockroach and its very nice. Its a two floor, apartment, Elder Morales and I are on the ground floor, and the zone leaders live on the top floor. Its going to be really fun, I think I am really going to like it here. We have 2 investigators that Elder Morales and his companion before have been working with that should be getting baptized soon, so that is excited. I have only been here one day so I dont really know anything about my area yet, but im excited to get started here and work with Elder Morales!

So this past week in Barranqueras with Elder Mudrovich before I got transfered was really good! The whole week Elder Mudrovich and I knew that I was going to be getting transfered, so we really cherished the last week we had together and we had a blast. We didnt have anyone come to church, but we placed two bautismal dates on Veronica and Alicia. I gave my first priesthood blessing in spanish to Alicia, the grandma with a lot of health problems. It was very cool, the spirit guided my words just like how it did in english. We had a super good lesson with Veronica, we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and commited her to baptism, I think it was the best lesson I have ever been apart of. Unfortunately now that I am gone I wont see her get baptized. We had a great zone meeting this last week, in which we recieved a ton of new rules for the mission! The biggest change is that we now have TWO HOURS of internet time! WOOOO! So now I wont be so stressed out all the time about writing everybody! 

Yesterday we had a few really good lessons and I met a few of our investigators here in Armenia. I am excited to get started here and to work with Elder Morales! I will attach some pictures! I am really starting to love the life of a missionary. I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Miles

P.S. The first picture is my with Elder Morales. The second picture is my new apartment. The last picture is Elder Mudrovich and I with the owners of our apartment, the invited us over to their apartment for dinner and it was awesome, they are the coolest. 

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