Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb 2, 2015

Hey, family! friends!

Hope everyone is doing great. We had a pretty normal week here! It was actually a pretty tough, long, week. Now that we have baptized our investigators, we had to look for new investigators everyday this week, so we knocked doors all day. But in the end, the hardwork all payed off on sunday. We had four investigators come to church! Woooo! We had David and Veronica come, they are a couple that are both about 30ish years old. David plays for a soccer team called Chaco Forever. Its actually really cool because that is like the providences biggest soccer team. Its kind of comparable to the salt lake bees or the Utah Blaze. So its AWESOME that he is one of our investigators and he is coming to church! He said he is going to give me one of his old jerseys! We also had a grandma come to church named Alicia. She is a really funny old lady that has lots of health problems but she is super happy to be baptized! So we are going to keep working with her and hopefully things work out. And also a family in our area brought one of their nephews to church with them, and she lives in our area, so hopefully we can find her and teach her. So sunday was a really good, very well needed day. Also all our recent converts we are able to come on sunday, and Enrique and Lidia both bore their testimonies in sacrament meeting. Lidia called us peregrinos in her testimony in front of everybody, which basically means wanderers. haha. We cant get her stop calling us that instead of missionares, or elders. But its alright! Her testimony was awesome. And Enrique recieved the priesthood and passed the sacrament. It was a very accomplishing feeling for me to see him be able to pass the sacrament. 

Other than that, nothing much happened this week. I had a very spiritual experience reading Ether 12 this week. I love how Ether describes faith as things we cant see, but we still believe they are real. Isnt that the trial of this life? To believe in Christ and God, even though we cant see them? And the spirit speaks so softly that its barely just enough to help us believe. But we believe to give us peace in this life, hope for a better tomorrow and better life after this one, and for the motives to be a good person and to walk tall, help and serve others. When I think of the benefits of believing in Christ and following him, it makes sense to live the gospel. I love being a missionary, when all 24 hours of my days have a higher purpose, and inspired purpose. 

Well I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Miles

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