Monday, April 13, 2015

Week Ending April 5th


Friends and family! I hope everyone is doing well, we had a super good week here. Conference was awesome, I sure loved it a lot. For conference here we all went to the district center (like a stake center, but for districts/branches) and they had the conference transmitted on a big screen. There was also a a room where they had a TV playing the conference in english, for us gringos. But I watched half the conference in spanish, half in english! And I understood both languages equally! Woohoo for spanish!

 This week we spent a lot of time working with our investigators Ruben and Antonella, which unfortunately didnt come to church (conference) this week. We are also working a lot with Omar, our investigator that is the grandson of one of our members here, who didnt come to church this week either. Dang. Other than that we have been contacting (door knocking) a lot and looking for new investigators! We havent been able to find very many other people to teach yet but we are not getting discouraged. The unity between my companion and I is still really good, we are really liking this transfer especially with our zone leaders! 

Conference was very spiritually energizing. I loved the talk of Gerald Caussé about how we should always try to have spiritual experiences every day. I feel like a lot of the time we get into routine prayers and quick scripture studies and we become a little bit spiritually numb. It happens to me a ton on the mission. But we have to remember to take the time and the effort to make every prayer and every scripture study meaningful and feel the spirit. I always really liked Uchtdorf´s talk about the atonement.

We found out this week that Elder Dallin H. Oaks is coming to our mission to talk to us at the end of April!! WOOO!! I am going to have the chance to listen to an apostle in real life and hopefully shake his hand! That is super exciting! 

Thats about all for this week, nothing very new happening! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Miles

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