Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week of March 24-30th


We had a pretty solid week! I hope that everyone is doing great. So this first week went really well, at first I was a little stressed with the additional responsibility of M1 (senior companion) but planning the days out and directing the area turned out to be not too hard, I actually really liked it. It helps a lot too that my companion is already a great missionary and knows how to plan and do everything perfectly. This week we were able to have a few lessons with our investigators Ruben and Antonella. They are progressing pretty good, but unfortunately they didnt attend church this sunday. We are also teaching a nineteen year old boy named Omar, is the grandson of one of the members in our area. He is progressing really well too, reading the Book of Mormon and praying, but he didnt come to church this week. So we had 3 investigators super committed to attending church this sunday, which was going to be super awesome for our first week of the transfer here, but none of them came. So we were a little sad on sunday. Whats hard in argentina is that when it rains everyone has the custom to stay in their house all day because the roads are really muddy and they are hard to navigate through. And it rained on sunday, so that was an obstacle for our investigators this week. But we are going to keep teaching them this week and hopefully they will be able to come to general conference this sunday! Woo! I am STOKED for general conference!! We are also going to take a lot of time this week to knock doors and ask for references and helpful find more investigators so that we also have a steady base of people to teach! 

My new companion, Elder Herrera, Peru, is pretty cool! He likes to do motorcross, BMX, play playstation, play soccer. He is really smart and is studying to be an architect. This week was pretty fun, I LOVE having our zone leaders above us, we always have so much fun. 

Well, I dont really have anything else to say! I learned a lot this week about not being scared about the future.. I have also been really scared about being M1 because I didnt think I would know what to do with our time, but this week I trusted in the Lord that he would help me and qualify me for the task. He has blessed us with progressing investigators and somehow we always have somewhere to be and people to teach. I really love the lyrics to I believe in Christ.. "I Believe in Christ.. So come what may". I have learned to not fear rather trust that by having Christ close to me in my life by obeying his commandments and praying to him daily, he will always give me the strength I need to do things that I dont think I can do, to learn and grow more than I ever could without him. If you may not have a close relationship with the savior, I promise you that it will help you so much and give you the comfort in this life. 

I hope you all have the opportunity to watch conference this week! I am going to love it for sure. I cant believe 6 months have already past since my last conference in the mission! I hope you all have a great week, thank you for your emails!

Love, Elder Miles

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