Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Febuary 1st, 2016

Friends & Family!

How is everyone doing? Thank you for your emails and for your support, I really appreciate it. We had a great week over here! The best thing that happened is that our investigator Noelia (she has been an investigator for a reallly long time, even before I got to this area, she just hasnt gotten baptized yet because she needed to get married to her boyfriend Nelson, who is an inactive member in our ward) got married this week! She met Nelson and she moved in with him and then the missionaries started going over to teach her and she been truly converted to the restored gospel and is anxious to be baptized. So on Friday we went to her little wedding at a placed called Registro Civil and we watched them get married. It was fun and they were super glad that we were there. And now this week we have to talk to her and start planning out when she will be baptized! So thats something we are super looking forward to. 

As well this week on wednesday we had 2 elders stay in our apartment with us for a day because they had to come from far away (formosa) to do paper and visa work. One of them was Elder Flores, who is the best friend of Elder Toledo. Do you guys remember Elder Toledo? He was the missionary that I started to train like 7 months again that was a native indian from Paraguay that went home after 2 weeks. Elder Flores is one of the Nibacle that was able to stay here in the mission. So I did divisions with him all day and it was way cool for me to talk to him and see the progress that he has made since when they first got there. As well he told me that Elder Toledo is at home really happy and all is well. It was a  cool experience for me, I love Elder Flores, I respect him so much for being here and for staying in the mission. 

That night, I bought us all facturas to eat (a little yummy pastry thing). And I guess one of the ones that I ate made me SICKER THAN A DOG. And there are some pretty sick nasty dogs here in argentina. haha. I threw up lots and had a high fever. But thanks to my loving companion that took good care of me and feed me cookies as I was laying in bed I am completely healed and feeling great now. So everyone just calm yourselves down. 

It was also Elder Miles´s birthday last week on the 29th of January! I took him to Grido. Its our favorite local ice cream place. It was bucket loads of fun. 

We still are in an investigator drought, but we are trying everything we can and we feel good with our efforts even if they dont always end up in baptisms. Everything is going really good right now, I am loving the mission and I love serving my Lord. I love how the mission changes me and helps me to become a better person. I know that these that I am doing are true and for a good cause. 

Thanks for all your love and support! I hope you have a great week. 

 ​Elder Flores and I
 ​Noelia and Nelson at their wedding
​OH. MY. GOSH. Its been awhile. 

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