Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dec 29th - Jan 4th 2015

Hello everyone!

I hope  you all had a very happy new years and have great ambitions for 2015! 2015 being the block year that I am in the mission field, Ive set a lot of goals to help me take advantage as my time as a missionary. 

This week was super super good! The big news of the week is that I got a new companion! I didnt change areas, I am still in Barranqueras, but I am now with Elder Mudrovich! He is from Chile. He has a year and a half in the mission field. He has been zone leader, district leader, trainer, everything. So I have a lot to learn from him! He is really great missionary. The lessions that we have had with investigators so far have been really good. He is very intune with the spirit and makes everyone lesson we have a very spiritual experience. He also has tons of advice for me always to help me improve. But most of all, he is a super fun loving missionary that loves to joke around and we have a really good time. Since this is a new area for him, and ive been here for awhile, all the responsibility fell on me this week to make the plans for everyday and to take iniciative and control in the leccions. It has been a slightly stressful week but I have grown A TON here in this first little week! I know that these transfers were inspired from God.. Im learning a lot more now that I have the opporunity to have an equal part in making the plans for the day and talking in the lessons. I am super excited for this time I will have with Elder Mudrovich!

This week we had two investigators come to church! First, we had a lady named Lidia come  that we have been teaching this past week. She is about 60-70 and lives with her family. This past sunday being testimony meeting in the sacrament meeting, she surprised us all when she got right on up to the pulpit and bore her testimony that she knows that God directed Elder Mudrovich and I to her house to teach her and invite her to the church, as if we were angels! haha. It was so happy to hear her say that! And we also had another lady that came to church by way of invitation of Irene.. She came all by herself because she felt very prompted by God to go! HOW COOL?! Just like Enrique! We are so blessed to have people in this area that just show up to church by themselves! We had a lesson (I cant remember how to spell lesson, is that right?) with her later that day.They both have a baptismal date for the 24th of January.

For new years Eve I was sitting in a bus terminal from 10 in the morning to 10 at night waiting for Elder Mudrovich to arrive. He ended up never arriving that night, so I had to go sleep in the apartment of some Elders nearby. It was actually really fun, we made popcorn chicken and watched the restoration video. Argentina goes crazy for fireworks on new years, never in my life have I heard more fireworks go off at midnigt. 

Well, thats about all for this week! I am excited for the challenges and the growth ahead! I hope you all have a great week, thank you so much for your emails!

Love, Elder Miles

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