Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 8th - 14th

Hey friends, family!

I hope that everyone is doing awesome. We had a week for the books. Super solid. Elder Williams and I finished well. First of all, Omar got baptized this saturday! WOOO! He passed his baptismal interview on thursday and was able to get baptized on saturday and confirmed sunday. His baptism was really special, we had to organize everything and invite everyone really last minute, but the members really came through for us and we had a great attendance to his baptism. A member named Ulises baptized him, he is an awesome guy. The branch president made a lot of refreshments and it was a great activity where all the members came together. I felt the spirit so strongly in his baptism, I really felt God´s love for me. I am glad that I was able to an instrument in the Lord´s in bringing a soul unto him, it makes me want to work harder and do everything I can to help more people come unto Christ. Omar is such a good kid, I know that we will be good friends forever. It makes me so happy to see him take a positive path in his life, there are so many bad influences that surround him and I am glad that he has choosen to follow Jesus Christ in his life. So that was a really happy day. 

Next big news. Are you all ready? As you know, transfers were on monday, and Elder Williams left. We had a great two weeks together and we had a lot of success, but the Lord has called him to a different area. Starting tomorrow, I will be a training!! Woohoo!! But, its not your normal training. President Franco called me and told me that I am going to be training 1 of the 4 new missionaries that are coming from Paraguay. These special 4 missionaries are indians, from the tribe nebucle. (Pronounced in english, NAY-BOO-CLAY). They dont speak spanish, and they dont speak the normal language in Paraguay (guarani) either. The speak nebucle. Its like an ancient extinct language from Paraguay. These 4 missionaries have never been in civilazation before, the MTC in Buenos Aires was their first taste of real city life. They had never seen running water before. We are going to stay in my area, Armenia 1. So that makes me feel better because I already know really well my area. I know that this will be really hard.. I have no idea how well they have learned to speak spanish in the MTC and I know that it will probably be a real culture shock for him, but I know that the Lord has called me to do this work. If the mission has taught me anything, it has taught me that the Lord qualifies who he calls. I know that the Lord would never give me a challenge I wouldnt be able to do, so I know that the Lord will be with me in ever step of this training. I am stoked to be a trainer, I have wanted to train for a long time now and I know that I am going to learn so much by training. Training a nebucle will be an experience that I think I will remember for the rest of my life, so I am super ready to get out there and start working hard with him. I am going to try hard to learn his language. How cool would that be?.. Anyway, I could really use all of your prayers this week to help me be able to give this new missionary a great training experience, I sure hope that I can help him enjoy the mission. 

Other news, my best friend, my zone leader Elder Morrin, went home on monday! He has put in his 2 years and now he is heading home. It was sad to see him leave, I am super grateful for all that he has taught me. Now we have a new zone leader with us, Elder Stout, he has 7 months in the mission and he is from Whoyming. I have been staying with them since Monday and I will leave to Resistencia tomorrow to pick up my new missionary, and then we will head back here to Armenia. ALSO, I complete 11 months in the mission today!! WOOO!! We are coming up on the year mark here. The mission has gone crazy fast and slow as molasses all at the same time. 

We didnt find any new investigators this week and we dont have any potential baptisms, so my new companion and I will be starting from scratch. AKA, a ton of door knocking. So I am super excited to get out there and start sharing the beauty of the message of the Restoration with people that are searching for the truth.

I would like to bare my testimony that I truly know that Jesus Christ loves and loves everyone of us. Words cant express the gratitude that I have for the Restoration of the gospel, it has changed me life and has given me a greater purpose. I promise that true happiness comes by following Jesus Christ by living his gospel. Thank you for all your emails and support, I am not sure how emailing is going to go with my new companion but I am sure that I will be able to write you guys like normal. I am excited to give you guys the updates next week of the beggingings of this great new adventure. I hope you all have a great week!!

P.S., I have a lot of photos from the baptism of Omar but the computer that I am using wont let me upload photos, so I will for sure send them next week when I am in a better cyber!

Elder T. Miles

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