Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week of June 15th-21th

Nalhujooy familia!

Taajunashelh?! haha. Thats, "Hi family, how are you?" in nibacle, the native language of my new companion! I was wrong last week, its written nibacle, and its pronounced (KNEE BAH CLAY). As you can see, I am learning his language. So this week was truly awesome, I LOVE training. I was with the zone leaders until wednesday, and then I went to resistencia and picked up my new missionary! As you know, the missionary that I am training is a native indian from Paraguay, from the tribe nibacle. His name is Elder Toledo. He is 22 years old. He comes from a family of 7. He and 4 other new missionaries are some of the first people to serve missions from their tribe. They are super super special humble people. They are incredible. Really humble, excited to learn. The speak very little spanish, but my companion actually speaks pretty alright! The tribe nibacle is a tribe in northern Paraguay. Like 20 years ago 2 missionaries baptized the tribe leader, and all the members of the tribe always follow what the leader does, so they all got baptized too. Its like a book of mormon story, right?!.. Anyway, my companion loves to play soccer, he worked a lot of construction with his dad before the mission. He is quiet, humble, always super happy. They dont have books of mormon in his language, so hes never read the Book of Mormon before. I actually really love teaching him because we are starting from the very basics, and I have to explain everything in really basic terms, which really helps me understand things a lot better and it helps me learn how to teach in a more simple way. He speaks pretty good spanish, he can communicate himself pretty good. A lot better than the missionaries from the U.S. when they are new. Its interesting that he thinks in nibacle..I think in english.. And we both meet half way in spanish. All day long I am like, "hey, how do you say this in nibacle?!" And he says, "hey, how do you say this in english?!" haha. We are loving it. All week we have just been focusing on basics.. How to explain things really simple in order that he can talk in the lessons too. He is really good at bearing his testimony, he always is so happy to tell the people that he knows the lesson is true. It amazes me their desire to serve the Lord, even when they have never read all the way through the Book of Mormon for themselves or dont understand everything completely. They are AWESOME. He is learning really fast. 

This week we contacted all week and we found 2 new investigators. Gerarldo, who almost was baptized a year ago but had a few obstacles and the missionaries stopped visiting him, and now we have found him again and he is excited to come to church. He wants to change his life and he really likes to learn. He is about 30 years old, he is going to have a baby in a few months. We also found Juan, a grandpa that likes to listen to us and wants to come to church. And we are working with Juliana, the investigator that we found last week. She is really catholic but she likes to learn about what we believe and she wants to see what the church is like. So thats what we were able to do this week. I know that God is helping us every step of the way find the people that he is preparing.. Almost everyday this week when all our plans fell through, we decided to contact and we ended up finding new investigators. Things are going really well, I am loving training and I love being companions with Elder Toledo.

This week we are going to try hard to help Elder Toledo talk more in the lessons and have confidence in his ability to explain and teach. I am really excited to train him. I hope that everything is going well for you guys and I hope that you have a great week! Thank you for your emails! Pictures attached: The baptism of Omar last week with all the members, Elder Morrin and I, and Omar with Brother Goytia right after he was baptized. More pictures will be attached in another email!

Elder T. Miles

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