Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 6th

Hello everyone!

This was a pretty good week. So Elder Toledo left last  monday night, so I have been in a trio for this week with Elder Pacheco and Elder Stout and I will be with them until the end of July. Its pretty fun, Elder Pacheco is one of my best friends so it is a blast to be with him. There is a youth here that is preparing to leave on a mission in january, his name is Abel, and he has been helping me a TON this week! Every Wednesday, friday, and sunday we are going to do divisions together so that I can work in my area more. (divisions is when a member from the church is my companion for the day so that Elder Pacheco and Stout can go work in their area and I can work in mine). Abel is an awesome guy, he is super prepared to go on a mission. He has turned his whole life around to be able to go on a mission and its been amazing to see him change. He for sure has been one of my best companions yet and hes not even a real missionary yet. haha. But we are working really hard together! This week Dani came to church again (yay!) and we have been working a lot with him, he has been progressing great and he has committed to being baptized the 25th of July. I am super happy for him, I know that it is going to change his life. Also with Abel this week we found a new investigator named Erika, she is a single mom that has always wanted to see what the LDS church is like but is a little intimidated. Unfortunately she didnt come to church this week but she committed to going to church next week for sure! I am pretty bummed that I missed my favorite holiday of all, the 4th of July, but Elder Stout and I celebrated by singing all 3 verses of the star spangled banner in the morning to wake Elder Pacheco up. 

Attached are a few pictures. The first picture is Elder Toledo and I the day before he left, it was his birthday and I  bought him half a kilogram of ice cream. The sign says "Happy birthday Elder Toledo, little son of mine". The next picture is Elder Pacheco and I holding his Chile flag because Chile won the soccer tournament "copa america" on saturday, its the biggest soccer tournament in south america. The last picture is Abel and I!

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