Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13th

Hola todos!

This was a good week! One of the best weeks I have had so far I would say. Abel is still doing divisions with me 4-5 days a week so it doesnt affect me too much right now that I dont have a companion! I think he has been my favorite "companion" that I have had so far.. haha. We are working super hard and we are talking to everyone that we can! This week we found some new investigators but our most promising two investigators are still Dani (The reference from a member, he is going to be baptized the 25th of July, we hope) and Erika, the woman that we found contacting. They are both excited and are progressing really well, reading the B.O.M and praying and everything. But unfortuntely neither of them came to church this week. What I like about Abel is that he has no fear to talk to people, its like he has already been a missionary for a year. This week he placed his first baptismal date on an investigator without me even having to tell him to do it. He just did it. It was awesome, it was a super spiritually moment in the lesson. I bought him ice cream afterwards. haha. Even though my opportunity to train didnt really work out.. I really feel like it was all part of the God`s plan for me this transfer because I have the opportunity now to "train" Abel and help him be prepared for the mission. I love teaching him things that are going to help him in his mission. When I am not with Abel I am with Elder Pacheco and Elder Stout, and that is super fun. In their area we have like 5 investigators that are preparing to be baptized so that is awesome. I love working with them, it is so much fun. Elder Pacheco will be my life long friend. Transfers are in two weeks, so I guess we will see what the Lord wants for me! I would be super happy to stay more time here in Armenia, I love Armenia. It has built me to be the missionary that I am. Today for P-day we did an "asado" (which basically means a barbeque grill where we cook a ton of meat) with almost all the elders of the zone here and with Abel and Javier (our branch mission leader). It was super fun, we throw the football around a little too. Unfortunetly I didnt take any pictures, sorry!

That was my week, it was super good! All is well. I am loving the mission. Speaking of which, I will be hitting the year markthis thursday! Woah!! How fast time passes. I hope that you are all doing good, thank you for your emails!

Elder T. Miles

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