Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 29th, 2015

Feliz Navidad y año nuevo!!

I hope that everyone had a very merry Christmas! For me over here in Argentina we had a great time. It was great skyping you family. It has been awhile since we have been able to write and have a normal P day, so I will let you know of all thats happened for the last little while!

On the 22nd the sister missionaries in my zone made me a birthday  cake, so that was awesome. The sisters in my zone are awesome. They also all wrote me a nice card. On the 23rd a family called the Garnier family from Colonia Benitez (the little village like 30 minutes away from Resistencia) invited us over for dinner for my birthday and we ate a ton of empanadas and it was way fun. The 24th was just a regular day other than we just had to go into the apartment early, so Elder Miles and I took advantage of the extra time and we built an ultimate fort. Yep. A fort. Like the kind you make as a kid, with chairs and blankets and everything. And then we slept in it that night! Haha. It was so much fun. We built the fort so that the christmas tree hanging on the wall was incorporated into the fort. So all night we had the christmas tree lights on and Elder Miles and I watched the christmas videos (a Savior is Born, He is the Gift, etc.) and we talked and what not, and then we woke up on the 25th and we opened the packages that our families gave us! Thanks family! As well Elder Miles and I we bought each other gifts, I bought him a cool shirt he wanted and a mate cup that says "Los 2 Miles", and he bought me a cool book in spanish to read for after the mission. And then we had our Christmas zone activity, we all went to the church and we played volleyball, with all the elders and the sisters together. Even President Franco and Hermana Franco came out to play with us! It was way fun. Our zone is awesome. And then we had a zone lunch, Hna Allred and Hna Gull made Cafe Rio pork burritos and Hna Puente and Hna Greenwood made a ton of cookies and mexican sweets. IT WAS SO YUMMY. And then I skyped the family! It was great. And then we went back to our apartment and the elders from La Leonesa stayed with us and we watched 17 miracles and then went to bed. (Thanks so much Nat and Dad for the movie!!) It was a sweet Christmas. 

I think what I liked more than anything about this Christmas is that this year I truly could focus on the true meaning of Christmas. I love the christmas videos that the church made, they helped me understand the importance of a savior. As well during the month of December I read all 4 gospels that talk about the saviors life. I loved testifying to everyone I saw about the reality that a Savior came to this earth, and thanks to him we can be happy and have peace and comfort in this life. 

Yesterday we had interviews with President Franco! It was great. I am so grateful for an example like President Franco in my life. He is the most holy man that I know. 

I am going to take more time this week to write people individually! So I hope that you all have a happy new year, thank you to everyone that sent me birthday or christmas wishes, I really appreciate everyone of you and all your love and support. 

Love, Elder Miles
My friend

The fort. It was cooler than it looks. It had a tunnel system.

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