Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1st, 2015

Friends, Family!-

This was a sweet week for us! Not too much happened in our area, we didnt really find anyone knew and all the investigators that we had (Romina, Eduardo, Fernando) have all stopped progressing and now this new transfer we will just be starting from ground zero, we really dont have any investigators. Which reminds me to tell you guys, ELDER MILES AND I ARE STAYING IN RIO NEGRO TOGETHER!! Woo!! We are so happy and stoked for one more transfer, thats what I wanted more than anything. We will be together for Christmas, its going to be so much fun. Our apartment owner, her name´s Griselda, the one that decorated our apartment door with Halloween decorations, she brough us a Christmas tree to hang on our wall! Its just like a little tinsel christmas tree, but its better than nothing!! She is so nice, we love her. She is like our mom away from home. So thats super exciting, Elder Miles and I we are going to be each other a few little gifts and stuff. So there were a few little changes in our zone, now La Leonesa and Las Palmas got united to be one big area (because the amount of missionaries that we have in our mission is getting smaller,so some areas are getting put together we other areas so we can cover more ground in the mission). So Elder Johnson and Elder Christensen left. As well one of our sister missionaries left and another one came. But other than that, our zone is all the same. 

I finished the Book of Mormon challenge yesterday that our mission did! We read the whole B.O.M. in the month of November. I loved it, I learned so much. It was cool because I got to see all the concepts that are all throughout the book in such a short amount of time. My testimony in Jesus Christ and the Restoration have definitely both increased a ton. I think my favorite thing that I learned is that if I always have a grateful heart for the all the blessings and mercies that the Lord has given me, I will always obey the commandments and live happily. I love the Book of Mormon. 

Yesterday we were in the bus station all day helping missionaries get on their buses. It went better this time, everyone got where they needed to! Its a stressful day but I love seeing all the missionaries and helping them. 

On thanksgiving we ate lunch with Ammon and Laura, that recently young married couple in our ward that help us out a lot. It wasnt like a thanksgiving lunch, we didnt eat turkey or anything like that, but we actually HAD lunch with a member for the first time in the whole transfer. So that was a thanksgiving miracle to us. They are so awesome. 

Well thats about it, I am so excited for this transfer!! I hopè you are all doing great, thanks for your love and support!

Elder Miles
​I love this guy

​Ammon and Laura

​Our apartment owner Griselda with the Christmas tree she gave us.

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