Thursday, December 17, 2015

December 7th


I hope that everyone is doing good. This was a pretty good week for us, a little stressful. We had consejo on wednesday (the meeting of zone leaders where President Franco gives a training presentation, and then the next day we give the same training presentation to our zones). It was super super good, I loved it. We talked about the two new videos that the church came out with about Christmas. EVERYONE, if you havent seen the the videos "A Savior is Born" and "Why we need a Savior" stop what you´re doing and watch it right now! You can find them on youtube. They are both only 2 minutes long but they bring a powerful message. The are both super cool, I like the second video better actually. It truly brings Christmas spirit and helps us to remember why we celebrate Christmas. As well, if you would like to see the Christmas video from last year you can watch "He is the Gift". I hope that you can all take time this Christmas to truly think about the meaning of Christmas!.. All december we are going to be showing everyone that we talk to these 2 videos. So they are really important to me right now. We have already shown them to probably at least 20 people. I love Christmas! Its so much fun. Its a great time as a missionary because Christmas opens the door to share great messages with people. So then on saturday we had a zone meeting, it went okay. We had so many difficulties. We had to get a TV out of a room so that we could show our zone these new videos, but we got the key jammed in the lock and we couldnt open the door and we trying to get it open and praying for like an hour. In the end we just hired someone to come open the dang door. And then the videos wouldnt work on the TV! It was all very stressful but it all worked out in the end. As well, this week we went to take our clothes over to the member that washes our clothes, but he wasnt there, so we left them with his neighbor so that she could give to him our clothes when she saw him. Well, we went back a week later and the clothes were still with her neighbor. The member had moved houses and we didnt know about it, so our clothes were still with that lady all week. So we took our dirty clothes back to our apartment to wash them ourselves by hand, and we open up our bags, AND... Our clothes had a bunch of maggot looking moth worms in them. So gross. We had to kill them all and soak all our clothes in bleach before they reproduced. haha. 

FAMILY! IMPORTANT: What time would you like to do skype on Christmas day? Us as zone leaders we have to plan out when every companionship is going to go to the church to skype with their families. We cant skype at members houses anymore. So we have to decide on a time! Here, argentina time, I will be able to skype anywhere from 1-6 pm, so that would be basically 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Utah time. So converse amongst youselves and come up with a time, or if it doesnt matter to you guys a specific time then I will just pìck a time and tell it to you guys next week. This year we can only talk for 45 minutes. 

Well thats about it! I hope that you all are doing great and that you have a great week. THanks for your support!

​Our zone!! Woo! President and Sister Franco gave us these little "12 days of Christmas" red packet things, where everyday it has like a challenge for us. Like one day we have to give someone a bottle of water and teach them how Christ is "living water", or another day we have to sing a christmas carol to 5 people, stuff like that, its fun. 

Our apartment owner/neighbor and us

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