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April 20th - 26th

Hola hola!!

I hope that everyone is doing awesome. This was a truly great week for us! I will remember it for sure for the rest of my life. First of all, Dallin H. Oaks came to Resistencia and talked to all of the missionaries on friday. An area seventy also came, named Elder Gonzalez. President Franco and his wife both gave talks, the area seventy and his wife, and Elder Oaks and his wife gave talks. We all got to shake the hand of Elder Oaks, it was pretty cool. It was also a great day because all the missionaries from all over the entire mission came together for this meeting. So that means that I got to meet up with all the missionaries in my MTC group that are in my mission, which was fun because I havent seen some of them since the MTC and it was great to see and talk to them again. (Photos attached). It was good to see how far we have all come, all that we have learned and how much we have all grown up. The sisters from my MTC group are already half way done with their missions, how crazy. I also got to see a lot of the missionaries from my old area, which truly are some of my very best friends. (Elder Nava, Peña, Bott (Pictured attached)). It was a stellar day, super spiritually uplifting.

What I learned from Elder Oaks:

Elder Oaks spoke a lot about different topics and it was all very very helpful. What I think that I liked the most was the enfasis (is that a word?) on teaching our investigators what a blessing the sabbath day holy can be in their life. Keeping the sabbath day holy, meaning going to church and eliminating distractions that day, can give us so much spiritual power to be able to have a good week all the rest of the days of the week. He also took a lot of time to talk about how to recieve revelation and inspiration. What is it? Do you see it? Feel it?.. He talked about how to discern if the Spirit really is the spirit telling us to do something or if it is just our thoughts. Something that I really liked that he said was "When I recieve a spiritual prompting to do something that I WANT to do, I am suspicious. It may just be my thought. But if I recieve a spiritual prompting to do something I DONT WANT to do, I do it immediately". And that is something really true! We have to overcome the natural resentment to do hard/uncomfortable things that we dont want to do when we feel like the spirit is trying to tell us do something. I learned a lot from Elder Oaks, it was a great meeting. 

ALSO, this week was the baptism of ROBERTOOO!! Woooo!!! It all went great. Well, almost. The water for the baptismal font didnt work again so we had to fill up the baptismal font with buckets of water, but I am used to that by now. A lot of members came to support Roberto and it all went really smoothly. A member (Antonio) baptized Roberto. Elder Pacheco, Morrin, Herrera and I all sang a "I heard him come" for the closing song, it was very spiritual. Roberto was really happy and it was great to see someone enter the waters of baptism. It was the first baptism that Armenia 1 has had in over a year (thank you zone leaders for the baptism! ;) haha. His confirmation the next day went great. We have seen Roberto make a ton of changes in his life to be where he is at. It is great to see results from the work we have put in here!

I forget to mention to you guys that 2 weeks ago a new mission rule passed in our mission that we are no longer to eat lunch with members anymore. So we have to make and cook all our food for ourselves. So.. We are all getting pretty thin!! haha. No, luckily all my companions are great cooks and I am learning how to prepare a lot of great food. 

Unfortunately Omar didnt come to church this week.. dang. So that means we will have to postpone his baptism. We still dont know why he missed church but we are going to go talk to him today! But he is progressing really well, I am stoked for his baptism in a few weeks.  Ruben and Antonella didnt come to church either, so we are going to have to stop passing for them. 

I LOVE my zone leaders and all the fun that we have. I really am enjoying the mission a lot right now and time is going by really fast. I bear my testimony that Christ lives and loves every single one of us individually, life really is easier when we allow him into it. I hope that you all have a great week! THank you for your emails! I am going to send another email with more pictures attached!

Love, Elder Miles

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