Tuesday, May 26, 2015

18th - 24th of May


This was a great week for us, I hope that everyone is doing well! Yesterday was a holiday here (argentine independence) so thats why we didnt have our p-day yesterday! This past week we had a multizone conference, Presidente Franco and Sister Franco and the asistentes gave talks and it was really good, I learned a lot. This week we have been working with Omar and Sebastian.. But unfortunately Omar didnt attend church AGAIN so his baptism will be pushed back another week more. We are going to have daily contact with him and get him really excited to attend church this week in order that he for sure comes and then his baptism can be the following week. Sebastian didnt come to church either this sunday, so it was all a little disappointing. Aside from that we are always knocking doors and looking for new progressing investigators, but we arent having a ton of success yet! 

This week we are just going to keep working hard and being obedient and we know that the Lord will bless us! This last week I finished the second half of the new testament, and like 5 weeks ago I finished Jesus the Christ, so all in all I have finally finished reading all of the scriptures and all of the missionary library. Now I am going to focus myself in becoming a master at Preach My Gospel. The weather has been pretty good lately, its been cool and cloudy and all the leaves are changing colors, its actually pretty beautiful. 

Nothing too new or exciting to report this week, but I hope that you are all doing great and that you have a good week! Thank you for your emails and support!

Elder Miles

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