Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 4th - 10th

Hello hello!

This was a great week, it was awesome to get to talk to you guys via skype, it really made me happy and it was very calming for me. It was pretty fun talking to Austin in spanish!! haha. He looks like he is doing great. I hope you had a great mothers day mom and nat. Matt, thanks for showing me the a thing or two on the new ace, it sounds great and The Nat Parks sure did fill the empty spot in my heart for the next year. haha. Syds looks great with her rebel hair. I liked Chip`s rebel hair too. I forget to tell him that "quiero taco bell" though, I know that he would have understood. But that was truly a very happy hour, I am glad that everything went great, I miss and love you guys!

This week was good, nothing very new to report! We are just looking for new investigators, we found a few potencial investigators that we are going to visit this week but other than that we are working with Omar that will get baptized in 3 weeks! This past week was my companion´s birthday, so we bought a cake and eat it with our favorite family, Navarro family. They are awesome. I have picutres but I forgot to bring my camera! We also ate another cake us four in the apartment as well. It was a very good day, I think he was really happy. 

This coming week we are probably just going to keep working hard looking for new investigators! I would like to bear my testimony this week on the importance of always remembering every day the blessings the Lord has given us. It is really quite the miracle the family that I have, the opportunites that I have had in my life to go to school, to have a good home and live in such a beautiful place, and most of all the gospel that God has given me. If we remember our blessings everyday, we remember our duty to God to willingly serve him with all our heart, and when we are happily willingly serving God, that is when we live the most happy and enjoy all that God gives us. 

I hope that you all have a great week this week, thank you for your emails and for all your support!!

Elder Miles

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