Monday, November 30, 2015

November 23rd, 2015

Amigos, Familia-

Tuvimos una semana de diez. All is well here for us in Resi, we had a super good week. I love being with my companion Elder Miles and I love being here in Resistencia. Next week is transfers! We are praying that we both stay here together. Next week being transfers means that I will have P day on tuesday, so I will write on tuesday. I have been SO blessed to be here with such a good companion and in an area that I like, I hope that things can stay the same! This week we worked with Romina, she is progressing well but unfortunately she didnt come to church this week, she went out of town. We worked a little with Juan and Ana that came to church last week but unfortunately they told us that they dont want to keep going with the church and stuff, they decided that they are catholics and they do not want to change. Very sad, but its alright. We are finding A LOT more people with a lot of potential though! The Lord seems to just be pouring out blessings in this area. For example, we found Fernando. Actually, Fernando found us. We were in a store one day buying meat, and we were walking out of the store and this boy comes running up to us and asks us if we can give him english lessons. He knows how to speak really really good english but he just wants someone to practice with. So we decided to meet at the church one morning and he came! As well as practicing english with him, we are teaching him the Restoration and the Book Of Mormon. He is really receptive and he likes the church a lot. He is 18 years old, one day he wants to move to the united states. He understood the message of the Restoration probably better than any other person I have ever taught it too on my mission. He has a lot of potential! He invited us to an asado (a barbeque) at his house sometime this next week! Super cool guy. And along with that we found a lot of other people that have potential. So thats why Elder Miles and I want to stay here so bad, I really think we will so the harverst of all our hardwork here. 

This thursday and friday I did divisions with Elder Vargas, he is working in an area called La Leonesa in our zone. He is from Columbia. He is super cool, I really got to know him better and he is a good friend of mine. 

Now I at the begginging of 3 Nephi in the Book of Mormon. Remember 2 weeks ago when we were just starting our Book of Mormon challenge at the start of November? We are already almost done! We will be finishing this week. Its been really cool to read it so fast.. I see so many key concepts and lessons that the Book of Mormon shows us. I just love how many times the Lord is so merciful to those who truly come unto him and are humble before him. Thats what I want my life to be like. 

Everything is going great! Thank you for all your emails and support. I hope that you have a great week and a great thanksgiving! (No, they dont celebrate thanksgiving here). 
​Elder Vargas (Columbia) and I

Love, Elder Miles

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