Monday, November 2, 2015

Nov. 2, 2015

Buen día!!

How are you guys? I hope that all is well. This was a good week here for Elder Miles and I! Antonela and Romina are still progressing pretty good, so we are praying for a baptism or two by the end of November hopefully!.. One day this week we were eating asado (argentine barbeque) with a member family, the Genes family, after church and they had prepared this lunch super nice, and we were eating, and my companion went to grab a bottle of soda and he knocked it over all on to me. He bathed me in soda. From the top of the collar of my shirt down to my pants, all over my suit, just drenched me. Haha. I looked up at him, and he just starred back at me, and he said that he thought that I was going to just going to freak out at him, but we just both burst out laughing and then the whole family laughed too. Super funny. haha.

This week I did divisions in Las Palmas with Elder Christensen. Las Palmas is an hour and a half away from Resistencia, you have to buy special bus passes to get there, its kind of like jungle but not really, its just a small town out in the middle of no where. It was way fun to go out there, they say that sometimes in the mornings they hear monkeys screaming outside their house in some near by trees. I didnt see any monkeys because it was just raining and raining the whole time that I was there and monkeys dont like rain. Elder Christensen is a really cool elder from Nephi. He has like 3 months in the mission, it was fun to be with him because it made me remember when I had that much time and how hard it was to learn spanish and everything. Divisions went really well, while I was there I did a baptismal interview with a lady named Sister Riveros. It went really well! We didnt have any problems. It went well for my first interview. She got baptized this past saturday

On saturday night and sunday morning we had stake conference here in Resistencia. It was an AMAZING stake conference, probably the best one that I have ever seen. Presidente Franco and Hermana Franco both gave really touching talks and the temple president of Asuncion, Paraguay came out to talk to us as well. But I think the best part was when 2 recent converts, one of them being a woman that the other Elder Miles found and taught a year ago in Barranqueras, gave talks and bore their testimony and their gratitude that the missionaries came to their house and taught them the restored gospel, the talked about how it has changed their lifes. It was just cool because it really encouraged me to keep working and struggling to find those people that God is preparing. I know that if we are obedient and work hard, God will help us find people like that to teach. 

As a mission we are reading the entire Book of Mormon in the month of Noviembre. So we are all reading 22 pages everyday to be able to finish it in a month. I am loving it, I love the Book Of Mormon so much, there are so many things that we can learn on every page and I truly testify that it brings us closer to Christ. It is the rock of my life, all of my life I want to understand better the Book of Mormon and live its principles. It shows us the tender mercies of the Lord and how we can see his hand in our lives more. I invite you all to read it as well and I promise you that you will feel the spirit and youll feel closer to God. 

Well, thats about it! This week is going to be great, I am super excited to be here. Everything is going well. I hope that you alll have a great week, thank you for your love and support!

Elder T. Miles

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