Monday, November 30, 2015

November 16th, 2015

Friends & Family!

This was a great week. I hope that you are all doing great. Good news! Romina came to church this week. Glory hallejah! Miracles exist. She brought her two kids with her as well. There is a young married couple in our ward named Ammon and Laura, and we brought them to some lessons with Romina and they become really good friends with her and they have been helping her out a lot. Romina a single mom and she really struggles. So its been such a blessing that Ammon and Laura have been helping us out so much. On sunday morning Elder Miles and I went out to the bus stop to get the bus that takes us to church, and we look down the street and there we see Romina and her two kids bopping along walking towards the bus stop with Ammon and Laura. It was such beautiful sight. Ammon and Laura just went to her house before church and helped her get ready and motivated to go to church. It was a miracle, we were so happy. I will be so so happy if Romina gets baptized. Just needs it in her life. She really liked church, Laura really helped her out with her two little girls, controlling them in sacrament meeting and everything went really smoothly. We are on track to have her baptism in 2 weeks!.. Also, this week we found an elderly couple named Juan and Ana. They are catholic but they are super nice and really love it when we come and visit them. We committed them to going to church and they said they would go, and we were so surprised and happy to see that right after Romina went into church and got situated, we saw Juan and Ana walking down the street towards the church. That was the 2nd miracle! They are more hesitant to baptism but they said that they are going to think about it. They really liked church as well. So those were the highlights from this week! We had 3 investigators attend church after a really long time of not having investigators at church. It was a pretty good week for us, we had a lot of lessons and I love being with Elder Miles, we are truly brothers. Its been raining a ton this week, we are in what they call "el corriente de El NiƱo", which is a huge storm front that hits northern argentina like every 5 years or so, so like all the month of November its just been raining like crazy. It rained so hard last night that I couldnt even sleep through the sound of the rain pounding the roof! We just were rain boots every day and we trek through mud. Its pretty fun. Its probably the happiest I have ever been in the mission, thanks to Elder Miles and all the good things that are happening right now. I really know that Jesus Christ lives and that He leads this great work that I am in. I see his merciful hand everyday and I am becoming so close to him. Life is beautiful when we live the gospel. I hope that you are all doing great and that you have a great week! Thank you for your love and support. 

Elder Miles
​This is the countryside part of my area, all farming land. Kind of pretty. 

​This is me just enjoying some peaceful Rio Negro. This is the backyard of recent convert here, right on the bank of the river. Legend has it that there are crocidiles here. 

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