Monday, November 30, 2015


The first picture is Elder Miles and I at the church in Barranqueras (my first area! Elder Miles was there too when I was there, we started there together. Not in the same area, but the same zone and church building) because we had to go there to do some baptismal interviews for the zone leaders in the zone next to ours. I interviewed a lady that they were teaching and Elder Miles interviewed another person. The both got baptized the next day. So we got to go back to our very first church and it was weird because we both havent been there for a year. We walked the streets of my first area and it was cool to be back there. So we talk a picture of us outside the church building after the interviews.
The next picture is at consejo (the zone leader meeting) and we talk a picture of our MTC district because almost every single one of us that was in that MTC district is now zone leader or sister training leaders (the equivalent of a zone leader but for sisters). So its just cool that we all grew up to be leaders. It was so much fun to see all of them again, we are all so close.
The last picture is of our apartment door. On halloween, our next door neighbor, which is the apartment owner, (super nice lady, she just adores us and gives us food and we think shes great), decorated our day with halloween decorations. The dont celebrate halloween here but she wanted to make us feel at home, so she went out and found a few halloween toys/decorations and put them on our door. She gave us like a toy bone that you put around your leg and it looks like you have a broken leg and she gave us vampire teeth, but the best part was the she went all the way to walmart and bought us donuts (SOO GOOD, I havent had a donut in forever!!) So that was awesome of her, she is so cool.
Let me know if you guys cant download these pictures!

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