Monday, March 28, 2016

Febuary 15th, 2016

Friends & Family!

How are you guys all doing? This was a good week for us! Noelia got baptized on saturday! Its actually a pretty funny story.. On Friday night the assistants to the mission president filled up the baptismal font for us. On saturday morning Elder Miles and I went to the church to make sure that the font was filled and ready to go, and it was. The water was up to a high level and everything was perfect. We put up all the chairs for the baptism and everything was good, so we closed the doors to the baptismal font so no one could see in there. Then, that evening at 6 we had the baptism. We started the service with a hymn, prayer, a short talk, just like usual, eveyrhting was going great. Then we all moved from the sacrament room to the room where we do baptisms. Elder Miles was getting changed into his white clothes. Then, one of the guys that was going to be one of the witnesses (they guy that opens and closes the baptismal font doors and makes sure that the person getting baptized goes all the way under the water) comes up to us and tells us that there is no water in the font. I thought he was just joking with us. I go open the door to the font, and there is no water!!!!! It is completely dry. And on the other side of the doors, everyone is sitting there watching and waiting for Noelia to get baptized. haha. We dont know what happened!! Where did all the water go?! haha. We panicked. We started filling up the font again but we knew that it would take like 2-3 hours to fill. So we started getting big jugs of water and buckets and we were filling them up from every sink that we could find. All the members started helping us too! It was kind of funny actually. All the guys in the boys bathroom are just filling up buckets and and all the ladies in the girls bathroom are scrambling to fill up buckets. haha. It was super embarrassing and everyone blamed Elder Miles and I that there wasnt any water.. but in the end we managed to fill up the font in 40 minutes and she was able to get baptized with just a small delay! It was pretty funny. All in all it was a very beautiful baptism and she was super happy. The only bad thing is that she showed up late to church yesterday and she was able to get confirmed and recieve the holy ghost. Apparently they called a taxi to go pick them up from their house and it never came, so they got there late. But its okay, next week she will get confirmed for sure! Raul, the investigator of the sister missionaries that was suppose to get baptized as well, wasnt able to be baptized this week because he still has some problems with the word of wisdom. Maybe later on! 

As well this week we did divisions with the elders of La Leonesa. I was with Elder Diaz. I had already done divisions with him once but in Corrientes like 6 months ago. It was fun.

Next week will be transfers, so I will write on tuesday, not monday! Elder Miles and I are hoping that we still have one more transfer left together but its not likely, Elder Miles already has 5 transfers in this area. I guess we will see!

Thank you guys for your emails and support, I really appreciate it. Have a great week,

Elder Miles

Noelia and Nelson. Nelson was already a member, Noelia was his girlfriend that we have been teaching. They got married 2 weeks and yesterday she got baptized!

​The jugs of water that we had to fill up the font with! 

At last, we had enough water to baptize her

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