Monday, March 28, 2016

Febuary 23rd, 2016

Friends & Family-

Thank you all for your letters and support. Alright well, I am sad to announce that the reign of the 2 Miles has come to an end. Elder Miles got transfered to Santa Fe and I stayed here in Rio Negro! But I am happy to say that I am now with Elder Grover. He is from Blanding Utah. About six months ago when I first got to this zone, he was in the zone and I did divisions with him! So I already now him pretty well, he is a way cool kid, I am stoked to be with him. Elder Miles went to go be a zone leader in santa fe, so I will see him every month at the zone leader conference. 

So yesterday was the bus terminal transfer day. It went good this time! We managed to only have one missionary miss his bus. Thats a record!! haha. The rest of last week was really good! On wednesday I did divisions with Elder Teves. He is being trained in an area called Las Palmas in our zone. He only has 6 weeks in the mission but he is way cool, I loved doing divisions with him. He is from Buenos Aires. On thursday we had a multi zone conference, it was way fun. And on Friday we went to Family Canciano again! This time we were there he took us out in the wilderness and we extracted honey from some little bee hives that he is in charge of. The bees are little tiny and cant sting. It was a really fun experience! 

Sunday was really good, Noelia get confirmed this week. We also are trying to reactivate a less active family named the Ramirez Family, and this past sunday the mom came and brought all her kids!! One of the girls is 9 years old and hasnt been baptized yet so hopefully if we can keep working to reactive the family we could maybe baptize the little girl too! Her name is fionela. I am really good friends with Nico (the boy on my left side in the picture). He is 17 years old and likes talking to us a lot. They are a super awesome family. 

Well I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Miles
​Elder Teves and I

​Hermano Canciano and I in the wilderness. The machete is for fighting off all the raging crocidiles that come at us. (haha just kidding mom)

​The is the Ramirez Family. Fionela is the girl on the far left. Nico is the kid with the glasses by my left shoulder.

​Elder Grover and I. 

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