Monday, March 28, 2016

March 6th, 2016

Friends & Family!

Buen dia. Hows everyone doing? Thanks for your emails. We had a great week here, I am super happy with Elder Grover and all the good things that are happening in our area right now. Fiorela will be baptized this saturday!! Woohoo! We are super happy for this family. The kids are awesome, they come to church all by themselves in bus because their mom is sick a lot and cant go, and they just come all by themselves and sit by us. We announced Fiorela´s baptism and we made a bunch of invitations and gave them out at church. She is so sweet, I am glad that I have gotten the opportunity to teach her and be here to see her get baptized. As well this sunday Lucas and Andrés came. Lucas is a half member (he got baptized but never recieved the holy ghost) and Andrés is his neighbor that we are teaching. It was andrés´s second time coming to church, so if we can help him to overcome his obstacle of having to quit smoking, maybe we will be having his baptism too. All of these people live in a neighborhood called Barrio Don Santiago, and right now this part of our area is exploding. We are finding lots of people to teach and good things are happeneing. We are always really busy, which is good thing! I really really am enjoying myself right now, I love how Elder Grover and I are obedient, it makes me feel good. 

As well this week we had a zone leader conference and then the next day we had our zone meeting, it went great. We basically just took most of the time to talk about all the investigators in our zone individually, and as a zone we gave each other ideas on what they can teach them or what could help them progress. 

On Saturday night, a man named Hermano Fernandez accompanied us to some appointments that we had. This guy was a two time ex mission president, the 1st councelor of the Uruguay temple, a member of the seventy, stake president, and most recently he just got released as the president of the Buenos Aires temple. He now is "retired" from larger callings like that and is the adult sunday school teacher in our ward. He knows EVERYTHING. So as we drove to the appointment in his car I asked him a lot of questions about the temple and deep doctrine questions.. it was so awesome. He exploded my head with knowledge. And in the lesson he just brought so much spirit with his sincere testimony. It was a really cool experience for us to have him accompany us for a night!

Today for P day, Elder Grover and I went to this restaurant that we found called "The Pizza-Cone".. It was a basically like an ice cream cone but made of pizza.. The crust of the pizza was the cone and then inside the cone was cheese and on top were the pizza toppings. Pretty cool. And they gave us free slushies for being cool gringos. It was awesome! 

So this will hopefully be a good week for us with Fiorelas baptism. I give you all my sincere testimony that I know the work that I am in is true.. I know that God is a real being that loves us, and I know that this is his true church. The gospel is beautiful and I love the life style it brings me, I love the peace I feel inside me and the person it makes me. I hope you all have a great week! 
Love, Elder Miles
​La gran zona Resi 1

​The pizza cone

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