Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June 13th, 2016 (part 1)

Hola! Hope you´re all doing well!

This week was awesome! The highlight was definitely the baptism on saturday! You guys should assume by now that the water to fill up the baptismal font the day of the baptism never has worked once in my mission, so you shouldnt be surprised that it didnt work for us on saturday. Its the quite the dramitic story but maybe I will tell it to guys when I get back in person because it is quite long! The important thing is that in the end it all worked out and we had 2 baptisms! Mili and Fernanda got baptized along with other 2 eight year old girls in the branch. So in total, there were 4 baptisms, but only 2 were converts that we taught. Ricardo didnt get baptized this week because he part time lives in the wilderness taking care off a flock of goats, and this week his goats escaped and he was looking for the goats with his step dad all week and he couldnt come back until they found them... And they still havent found them. So he still hasnt come back yet. But maybe this saturday he will come back and we will have his baptism! We´ll see. Besides the baptism, it was a pretty good normal week! We did divisions on Friday and the our district leader, Elder Tapia (Costa Rica), come here with me so he could do the baptismal interviews with our investigators. He is a great missionary and I learned a lot from him. He does the mixed martial art "judo" (its kind of like juditsu) and was ranked number 1 in central America before he came out to the mission. So I decided not to get on his nerves or get in a fight with him. Haha. 

This week on thursday we are going to have a father´s day activity that should be really fun, Julio Diaz (the ex branch president that recently got reactivated) will be in charge of some games outside on our football field, and Elder Rossi and I are going to make pizzas for everybody. And maybe we´ll have a baptism on saturday! So it should be a great week.
​On Thursday it was my companion´s birthday and I bought him a cake and we traded ties.

​This is the baptism! From left to right we have: Me, Brother Fiestas, Kiara (daughter of Bro. Fiestas), Fernanda, Cintia, Elder Rossi, and Mili. Mili and Fernanda are the 10 year old girls that are converts and Kiara and Cintia are the 8 year olds. 

​I baptized Mili, my companion baptized Fernanda and Cintia, and Brother Fiestas baptized his daughter. 

​As well as being the baptism, it was also the birthday of Cintia! So her mom (the one that teachers seminary) organized a birthday party for her here in the church after the baptism and they decorated everything really pretty and we ate a huge cake and hot chocolate! It was super fun. We had more tha 50 people come to the baptism. Thats like more than double than any sacrament meeting we´ve ever had! So it was a huge success, really fun.

Im going to send a second email with more pictures because I cant put more than 4 pictures on an email, so I will conclude my thoughts on the next email!

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