Tuesday, July 5, 2016

May 30th, 2016

Friends & Family!

Thank you for your emails!.. This week was pretty good for us, we are just trying to teach all the lessons to our investigators before June 11th. Everyone is still on good track, hopefully everything goes good this week and next week. Unfortunately today for P day we did not go on our adventure that we were planning.. The Elders in Lomitas couldnt find a taxi driver to get us out there.. So maybe next week! The best part of this past week was the mutual activity that we put on for the youth.. Like how I explained last week, we had a nerf dart war with PVC pipes like I use to play with my friends. IT WAS SO FUN. They loved it. At first they didnt seem too excited about it but then they started playing and it was a blast. We used all the tables and chairs in the church to make obstacles and bunkers. Then when we finished we read Helaman 5:12 and talked about how Christ will always be safe ground for us.. and we talked about how we always need to "stay in holy places", because in our nerf war there were certain places taped off where if a dart hit you, you didnt get out. Then we watched "stay within the lines", the mormon message by Elder Holland. It all went super good! There were 5 kids there that werent members. So it was a success.

On sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about standing in holy places, and how the blessings of the temple arent limited to the time we are physically in the temple.. rather the blessings are with us after we go to the temple and serve as a protection for us against all the negative things in the world. That way, we can always be in holy places with the blessings of the temple as long as we are doing what we should be. Here in Campo we started the class "Invested on High" which is a temple preparation class for the sisters here that are planning on going to the temple in July. It went super good. 

Tomorrow we are going to El Potrillo.. We are going by ourselves in bus so we have to wake up at 3:00.. tonight! It will be my last potrillo trip! Should be a great week, we are excited! 

​Unfortunately I forget to take photos of them actually playing! I just took photos beforehand. But you get the idea! Thanks for sending me the nerf darts mom! 

Hope you have a great week! 

Elder Miles

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