Tuesday, July 5, 2016

May 16, 2016

Family & Friends!

How are you? Thanks for your emails. This past week was probably my favorite week here in Campo yet! Elder Rossi and I are super good friends, he is a way cool guy and we are always talking and laughing and have lots of unity. And when you have a companion like that it doesnt matter what happens to you.. you are always happy and positive. So this is going to be an awesome transfer, I am super excited for my last weeks. I complete 22 months in the mission today!

Interesting experience! On sunday we had district conference in Ibarreta. So, being the branch president I had to arrange for the transportation for all the members to get to Ibarreta, which is like 30 minutes away. So we found a trafic driver (a trafic is like a big van that seats 20 people) and we told everyone to meet at our chapel at 8:30. So everyone came around then. And we have a little old lady thats really sweet but she is kind of crazy and she is epileptic. And to make the story short, this sister got mad about something and decided that she wanted to go home instead of going to the conference and she refused to let anybody drive her home, she insisted on walking. Well, she made it like 2 blocks and had an epileptic attack and went down to the ground. And to make matters worse the trafic was there waiting for us and it was already 9:30 and we had to get going to get there on time for the conference but the lady was on the ground and we were trying to call an ambulance and tons of people were watching and ahhhh! It was a disaster. Haha. In the end after like 2 minutes she got up and was okay and we all went to the conference and we made it on time. The good part was that we had an investigator come to the conference with us. Her name is Mili, her parents are members but inactive. Every sunday she gets up early and gets ready for church but her parents dont get  up, and she only is 9 years old and cant go alone, but we asked one of the sister of our branch to go by to take her with her and now we are hoping that she can get baptized soon! Being the branch presidency we have to plan the baptisms of children that are 8 years old too, and we are planning a baptism of 3 girls for June 11th, 1 of them being Mili who would be a convert. As well this week we had 2 lessons with Ricardo who is the boy that came to church last week thats 18 years old that is super cool and is super excited to come to church, hopeful he can get baptized too this transfer. So lots of good things are happening here! We are enjoying ourselves a ton.

​This is my companion and I. We do our grocery shopping at a small grocery store called Supermercado Melniezuk and we have become super good friends with the owner and she gave us free offical "Melniezuk" hats. Quite the souvenir! My companion Elder Rossi is one of the best companions ive had, he is super cool! Fun fact, He met Andrew McMullin. Andrew served in his ward in Mendoza :) haha. 

Thanks for your letters and support!! Have a great week!

Elder Miles

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