Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Feb 23 2015

Hola Hola!

How is everything going in your hemisphere? I hope everyone is doing good! We had a solid week here in Corrientes. This month, febuary, is the month of Carnival here in South America, and Argentina goes CRAZY for Carnival, especially in Corrientes. I dont even really know what it is, I just know everyone gets together and the dance and party and a lot of bad stuff happens. This week was like the main week of Carnival, so we had to return to the apartment early everday of the week, and a couple days we didnt leave the pension hardly at all. So we couldnt really do much this week but it was still a fun week! 

I forget to explain to you guys what Corrientes is like. ITS NUTS. So Corrientes is the providence accrossed from Chaco, Resistencia. You have to cross a big bridge to got over the ParanĂ¡ River. Corrientes is a pretty big city, its a lot more cityish than my old area. Its still pretty jungle in the more suburb parts, but where I am at is a big city. In my area, Armenia, we have a big huge mall center, one of the biggest college campus´s in Argentina, a TV channel broadcasting station, a TON of boliches, which are like places where people go to dance and drink, and a lot more crazy stuff. Its kind of a hard place to be a missionary because it is really cityish. Im going to attach a picture of Corrientes from the bridge!

The highlights of this week is that we had a multi-zone meeting this week in Chaco, and I really learned a ton from President Franco. He is an amazing mission president and I am super grateful that we have him. That was a really good day. Elder Morales, Elder Morrin, Elder Pacheco and I (Picture attached) are all super good friends and I love being in the same apartment as them. On Wednesday night, a really member of the church named Rodrgo came over and we made asado, which is basically Argentine barbeque. We ate a ton of meat and it was super super good. 

This sunday none of our investigators came to church and we think that all of the baptisms we were going to have are going to fall through, so we are a little bit sad about that but we are just going to work hard and find new investigators to teach! 

Nothing else too exciting happened this week due to how much time we had to stay in the apartment, but we had a fun week! I am really liking this time I have to be with Elder Morales, he is a really funny guy and we enjoy our time together. Corrientes is a little bit of a rough place but I am still happy to be here and excited to start finding new investigators to teach. I hope you all have a great week and I am going to try my hardest to write you all individually! 

Elder Miles

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