Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Jan 19th - 25th 2015 (Late post)

Hola todos!

Hope everyone is doing great. I had another really awesome week this week. We had the baptisms of Lidia and Ana this friday, everything went perfect! It for sure was one of the most happy days of the mission so far. They both have such strong testimonies. Before we found them and started teaching them, they both had been praying to God to find more hope in life, and to find the truth, and thats when we showed up at their door. So they both have huge testimonies that God answered their prayers and that the Church of Jesus Christ is the true church. They are both going to be great members for life, I couldnt be happier for them. 

This week we had a couple of unexpected things happen. It rained a lot this week and the streets where extremely muddy (as usual), and on wednesday while we were walking towards the house of one of our investigators, a car purposefully got to close to us and sprayed mud all over for us, from head to toe, in our nice church clothes. Haha. At first we were mad, but we managed to laugh it off. We are going to find them, and we will preach repentence to them.

On thursday, we were in the church trying to get the baptismal clothing out of the closet for Lidia and Ana, and the key get jammed in the keyhole and we couldnt get it out. We tried to get the key out for 2 hours until we finally managed to budge it out and we were able to get the clothing. But man, I was stressed out. If we hadnt gotten the clothing out that day, Ana and Lidia wouldnt have been able to get baptized! haha. 

Huge shout to my momma! HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Wednesday!!!! (I remembered before you told me, I promise! :) 

This week my faith in Jesus Christ was strengthened a ton! As a representative of Him, I am so happy to be able to tell everyone that I met that I know he lives, and knowing that gives me a hope for a better life, better tomorrow, and a better world. Having Christ as the anchor of my soul, I will forever be able to face any challenge that comes my way. When I get a lack of self confidence and a lack of courage, I think about all the savior did for me, and all that I owe him in return, and it gives me strength everyday. I promise every one of you can recieve that strength every day too. 

Well, im going to attach some pictures! I hope everyone has a great week!

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