Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Feb 23rd - Mar 1st 2015


Familia! ¿Que tal mis amigazos? I hope everyone is doing good, I had a pretty good week here! Nothing really too new to report. We spent this week knocking doors and searching for new people to teach, and unfortunately we didnt have very much success this week. Corrientes is a rough place! It is the Catholic capital of Argentina. So we didnt have any investigators come to church this week and we dont really have any progressing investigators right now. It was a pretty tough week to be honest. There were huge rain storms every day this week and all the streets in my area flooded. During one of the rainstorms, somehow our air conditioning broke. So all this week we have just been dying of heat at night and we can hardly sleep because its so hot! The highlight of this week would have to be that I did divisions with Elder Pacheco, our Zone Leader that lives upstairs from us. His area is super jungly and way cool, and he is a super good missionary and it was a really good experience to learn a lot of new things. This week we focused on using the Book of Mormon when we contact people. (Knock doors, talk to people in the street, etc.) There is such great power in the Book of Mormon. I am still loving being with Elder Morales, I know that we are going to be really good friends for life. Other than that, this week has been the same old, its been rough but we are hanging in there. We are going to keep working hard and find new corrintinos that want to get baptized! 

This morning I had the opportunity to finish reading the New Testament in spanish. It has been really spiritual for me to read about the life of the Savior. Really the biggest event that has ever happened for each one of us personally was the Atonement of Jesucristo. When we start to really understand that Christ paid the great price of our sins for us, we realize how eternally indebted we are that he has truly given us the gift of life, he has saved us. Everything that we have and experience in this life is all thanks to him. And for that he will always be our Savior. It is a priviledge for me to be able to be a representative for him for these 2 years. 

Attached is a photo with me and Elder Pacheco in our argentina jerseys, which we found and purchased this week. They are sweet. 

I hope you all have a great week! Thank you for your emails! 


Elder Miles

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