Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Jan 12th-18th 2015 (Late post)

Hola  todos!

I had another super good! I hope you are all doing well. We are still having lessons with Lidia and Ana and they are going to get baptized this friday, the 23rd! Woohoo! So happy. This week went spent a ton of time knocking doors and finding new investigators, and we had a lot of success. I am still loving being with Elder Mudrovich, I am learning so much. I am super blessed by the Lord to have this time to learn from him! He goes him in 2 transfers. 

This week I hit my six month mark, January 16th! WOOOOOOO! Time has FLOWN BY! And sometimes its really slow! I feel like I´ve been camping for half a year. I really have learned so much and I am so grateful for all the experiences that I have already had on my mission and all that I have learned. I accomplished learning the language, I learned how to teach effectively, and I learned how to run an area. Its been a really great past 6 months. 

On my sixth month day, I actually was on divisions with Elder Peña. He is from El Salvador. He is super cool, I loved divisions. Unfortunately, we didnt do anything for my sixth month mark. We actually spent the entire day doing service for a widowed woman. We cut the grass of her entire yard using machetes. It was insane. It was blazing hot and cutting grass with a machete is tough! But it was really fun with Elder Peña. I managed to cut only one pipe of her sprinkling system. 

We have been working with an active family these past couple of weeks, trying to reactive the parents and baptize the kids that they have. We have had to family home evenings with them, where we teach them doctrine and then we play fun games that the kids like. This week we are going to try to place a baptismal date for the kids!

Well, thats about all! Its really hot. 

Love, Elder Miles

P.S. I am going to sernd pictures in a different email!

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