Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week ending March 15th


How is everyone? I had a stellar week! Just the same old, we were able to contact and tract a lot this week and meet a lot of new people, but we still dont have any progressing investigators for baptism. This week was a really sad week, one of our sister missionaries here past away this week while in the mission. The whole mission was really sad, especially president Franco. I think I heard that there was an article about it in Deseret News. But besides that the week was great, I did divisiones with Elder Morrin, my zone leader utah friend. I learned a lot from him. We had a lot of fun this week, I am doing really well and I am really liking where I am at right now. We found out this week that in April an apostole is going to come to our mission and talk to us! Woo! How exciting. Today for P day, all the Elders from our zone went to the costanera, which is the place in Corrientes where the huge bridge is and there are really pretty beaches there. Its not like an ocean beach, its just a river beach, but it was still really fun. We played frisbee.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! WOOOOO!!! I cant believe you are already 30. Time has gone by so fast on the mission. I hope you have a great day. 

Thats about all for this week, not very much new. THis is the last week of this transfer, I am pretty excited for transfers to come. I have learned a lot from Elder Morales. I love getting new companions and learning from them because you can always take away the good from every companion and apply it to your mission work and your life, and learn from the bad as well.

This transfer I finished the Book of Mormon in spanish for the first time, I read the New Testament, I read the first five books of the Old Testament (the five books of Moses), and The Pearl of Great Price, all in one transfer! Woo. It was amazing to read them all in such a short period of time, to see them all come together and work as the complete restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It was great to read the Old Testament, to see where it all began with the creation and with Moses, and then read of the promised Christ in the New Testament. It was also great to read the amazing truths that come with the Pearl of Great Price through the prophet of Joseph Smith. 

My testimony of Jesus Christ has grown so much this transfer, I truly can say that I know that he suffered for me. I know that by living the gospel, we can show our gratitude towards Jesus Christ for what he did for us, and by so doing we can gain the mercy that we need to be forgiven of our sins. The atonement is for us in this life, and for the life that comes. In this life we recieve the peace and strength that comes from using the divine power of the atonement. Really if we pray, and we set ourselves straight with God, have a relationship with him and work our best towards living his gospel, I promise you that the atonement can give us power and strength to live a happy life. Not only that, one day we will be able to return to live with God again, which is the greatest of all gifts. Reading and studying the scriptures a ton this transfer has really changed my life, I wish I could somehow show you all the vision I have about the gospel of Jesus Christ. But it takes time to learn. I didnt understand before the mission at all. But the basics are Faith, Repentance, Baptism, recieve the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. My favorite part about the Gospel is Repentance. A lot of people think that repentence is a scary word that means you have to go through hard things. But repentence truly is beautiful. Repentence is setting youself straight with God. It is a life process, a process of being a little better everyday. Praying to him and talking to him, living every day with more excitement and hope for the future, having a life devoted to a higher purpose. It is truly beautiful.

As well I would like to testify of the calling of Joseph Smith as a prophet in these latter days. I read a talk that I really lived called Profile of A Prophet, I would recommend it to everyone. It takes a lot about why it makes perfect sense that God has called a prophet today. It makes perfect sense that God still takes to man today. All through the Old Testament. Abraham, Noah, Moses, they were all prophets. God talking to man didnt stop in the New Testament, rather it reached its peak with God talking to Jesus Christ. After the death of Jesus Christ, Jesus himself appeared to his apostoles and talked to the personally. So when exactly, did God suposively stop talking to man? Did God lose his power to be able to talk to man? Of course not, God is God and cant lose his power. Is it then that he doesnt love us anymore? Of couse not, God loves us and we are his children. So why couldnt he talk to man today? I testify truly with all my heart that I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and restored the gospel. He, like all the prophets before him, met up to all the standards to be a prophet.  The Book of Mormon is evidence of that. No man could ever write such a powerful book, with all the hundreds of references it has to the bible, all the history and stories, somebody truly couldnt write a book like that. Its true, but the way you guys can know is reading it and praying about it. I also testify that Jesus is the Christ, he suffered for everyone one of us because he loves us. And if we do everything we can in this life to serve him and keep his commandments out of the love and gratitude we have towards him, he will forgive us by his mercy and grace.

I hope you all have a great week! Thank you for all your emails!


Elder Miles

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