Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March 2nd - 8th 2015


How is everyone? I am doing really well! We had a good week. We still dont have any progressing investigators but we truly worked really hard this week and I feel like we are doing all that we can, so I am not too disappointed. All we did this week was basically knock doors and visit a few less active members! We found a few new investigators but they didnt attend church this week. Even though we arent having a ton of success, I loved this past week because we had a ton of fun and we had good attitudes. I loving having our zone leaders above us, every night before we go to bed we get together and we cook dinner and play around for a little bit, it is a blast. I love it because I am learning how to cook A TON because they are all really good cooks and they teach me everynight. This week, Elder Morales taught me how to cook a traditional food from Ecuader called Patacon. It is made from platanos, which are basically bananas but not. And we fry them in oil, they are kind of like potato-banana chips. THEY ARE SO GOOD. I am definitely going to make them when I get back home! 

Funny story from the week! On tuesday night, we had a HUGE rainstorm. We took shelter in the home of a member until it was like 9 o clock at night, and even though it was still pouring, we had to walk like a mile back to our apartment. Every street was flooded knee high, and the power had gone out. So we were trekking back to our apartment in knee high water, and we couldnt see anything because it was pitch black. Haha. So there is a thing called a zanga in Argentina, which is the Argentine sewer system, and it is a little moat that every house has like 7 feet from the house that circles all the way around the house, and all the sewage and water from the house flows into the moat (zanga) and then the water and stuff just dries into the earth or evaporates. So every house has a little moat like 5 feet deep of sewage water. So back to the story, we were walking in the darkness in knee deep water making our way back to the apartment, and I took a step and all of the sudden I was completely sumerged in water... I had stepped into a zangja (Which is sewer gross water!!) Nooo!!! I feel in up until my chest!! I didnt see it coming because it was dark and the ground was covered in water. It was the worst! haha. And then after that we made it back to our apartment fine, but what a day. 

This week at church and at choir practice I meet a ton of new people and I made a ton of friends. I am really starting to like the mission, I love meeting and talking with people all day and I like that it is making me become more social. I am really enjoying life, I am trying my best to make everyday fun and make everyday an adventure and making the mission memorable. In the church every Thursday night at 7 we teach english classes, and this thursday I got promoted to the teacher! So I now teach english classes. We have like 8ish people come everyweek, its pretty cool. 

Well thats basically all that happened this week! We are just searching hard for new investigators and enjoying the ride. I would like to invite you all to always think deeply about the meaning of life and why we are here. Even if you arent like LDS or go to church or anything, I just think everyone should really take breaks every now and then and think about what is happening all around us. As my humanities teacher would always say, if you dont think about stuff, you are an idiot. We spend all our time studying how to become a doctor, or a lawyer, or a teacher, and we dont spend enough time searching for the very reason we are here in this earth! I really love the scripture that is in 2 nephi 9, around verse 50 or 51 (I dont have my scriptures right now). It takes about how the very most important thing in life is the spiritual part. All of our money and nice things will all be gone away when we die, but our spirits will not. We will carry with us our experiences and knowledge with us. So how important is it that we focus in the spiritual aspects of this life and not the physical? As a missionary, I have found that the Holy Ghost can truly speak to the heart and teaches us the mysteries of God.. There are no coincidences in the God´s plan and we have to try to take advantage and learn from every opportunity that we can. 

I hope you all have a great week, thank you for your emails!!


Elder Miles

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