Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week ending March 21st


How is everyone? We had a pretty great week here! This week we were able to contact (knock doors) all week.. and in the end we had success! We found a great family this week. Golden. Their names are Ruben and Antonella, they both are like 30 years old and they recently just got married. They have friends that go to the church and they have been wanting to go to church and see what its like for awhile now. This sunday they didnt come because we had District Conference, (Its like Stake Conference, but since I am in a branch, not a ward, we have District Conference) so it wasnt in our church, it was in a church far away. But today after P day we are going to go over and commit them to go to church for sure this sunday! They are great. I sure hope they progress. 

The biggest news of the week- There were transfers yesterday and Elder Morales left and I am now with Elder Herrera, from Peru!! He has just barely 4 months in the mission, he just finished his training. So I am now the senior companion! Which means basically that I have the resonsibility to plan out the days, direct the area, decide where we are going to go, etc. It will be my first time as senior companion (M1, Missionary 1, we call it on our mission), so I am pretty nervous but I know that it is what the Lord wants me to do. We are a pretty young companionship, and we are in a pretty hard area! So I know It will be difficult at times but I know that we are going to work super hard, be super obedient, and find a ton of Corrintinos to baptize. My new companion is super obedient and really smart. I think I will hit my year mark without ever having an american companion, which is pretty awesome, I love having a ton of companions from diverse countries. I know the accents of a lot of south american countries, so that will be helpful someday! I am pretty happy to be here in this area with my new companion. Nervous but ready and willing to work. Elder Morales is going to leave to his new area tomorrow, he is going to be a trainer. I am going to miss him A TON!! We have had such a good transfer, it was so much fun!! But the zone leaders, Elder Pacheco and Morrin are both staying, so we will still have a blast with them. 

This week we had a multi-zone conference in Resistencia, and Elder Nuñez, (Quorum of the Seventy, in charge of public relations in Chile) came and spoke to us. It was truly amazing, he is an amazing man. He talked a lot about how we need to create spiritual experiences. He talked about how the world lacks spirituality, and we have to create spiritually edifying experiences. The people we teach havent been baptized and dont have the gift of the holy ghost, but we as missionaries and members do. If we can bring the spirit into their home and help them feel the influence of the holy ghost and help them recognize it, that person is going to understand the necesity of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also talked a ton about the Book of Mormon, the way that the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ and how spiritually uplifting it is. The messages are so powerful and so direct to guide us in our lives.

BIG NEWS. Summer officially ended this last week!!! WOOOOO!!! On March 21st summer in Argentina offically came to an end, and we have now started fall here. It makes me want to cry, I am so happy. On March 20, Elder Morales, the zone leaders and I had an End of Summer Party at night before we went to bed. We bought an ice cream cake and ate it as we shared stories about the hottest days that we went through this summer. It was hilarous, I loved it. Unfortunately I still have one more summer to go, they have all finished their second summer. In the mornings we wake up early and jog for an hour, and it is starting to get a little cold in the mornings! Its nice and breezy in the afternoon. So I am just so happy about that!! 

Attached are a few pictures:

One of them is Elder Morales, Elder Morrin and I at the multi zone conference. Our ties are the colors in order of the Ecuador flag, because Elder Morales is from Ecuador. Then there are two pictures of us with our ice cream cake in our end of summer party. And then we have a picture with my new companion and I! 

So I am pretty happy and excited to get working! I could really use all your prayers these first few weeks of this transfer in order to find prepared people to baptize! I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Miles

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