Tuesday, September 15, 2015

July 20th - 26th 2015

Friends and Family!

How is everyone? This week went super well. A lot of good things happened. First of all, we had interviews with president Franco on Tuesday. President Frandco is the best mission presidente that I could ask for, he is such a good example for me. He is super dedicated to the work of the Lord. He is firm and strict with his rules, but he leads with love. He is understanding and affecionate. He isnt a mission presidente that gets mad when we do somehthing wrong, but he corrects us with love and helps us understand why we do things the way we do. He is super cool. He lived like 10 minutes away from our house, he lives right next door to the Oquirrh Temple! He was the presidente of the Draper Temple. I respect him a lot. And then on saturday, we had the baptism of Lionel Acosta! He is the boy that I told you about that lives in the area of Elder Pacheco and Elder Stout that is 9 years old. He lives with his grandma who is a member that Elder Pacheco recently reactivated. Then he started to teach her grandkids, and thats how we found Lio! So true reactivation of less active members always brings baptisms. I helped teach him a little bit since I have been with the zone leaders this past transfer. His baptism was perfect, everything went well, Elder Pacheco baptized him. A lot of members came. It was Elder Stout`s first baptism, so that was happy. Then on sunday we had his confirmation. Also on sunday in the evening, the branch put on a farewell party for Elder Pacheco! A ton of members came, and we had a little devotional where the missionaries sang a pretty hymn, Elder Pacheco gave his farewell testimony talk and all the members that wanted to say good things about him could go up to the pulpit and bare their testimony. It was sad to realize that he was really leaving but it was a fun activity. Then later that night, we recieved the news about transfers! SO, here it is. The Lord wants me to have another opportunity to train again. Tomorrow I will be going to Resistencia to pick up the new missionary and we will be staying here in my area in Armenia 1! I am super grateful for the opportunity that I will have to try training out again, I hope that this time things go a little better and that my new missionary can find himself comfortable in the mission. I am going to do everything I can to give this new missionary the best training experience that he could recieve. More than anything I just hope that I can be his best friend and help him through the difficult changes of being new in the mission. I am stoked to still be here in armenia, I love Armenia. Also, Elder Stout got transferred! As well as the sisters that were here in Armenia, they got taken out. So, keeping in mind that Elder Pacheco finished his mission and went home, I am the only lone survivor of the missionaries in Armenia! The new zone leaders that live in the apartment above us are Elder Dana and Elder Allred. Elder Dana has 11 months in the mission, and Elder Allred is from my MTC group, he has the same amount of time as me. I think they are both from Arizona, but I will have to double check on that. They arrived last night, I havent really gotten the chance to meet them very much yet because for the past two days I have been with Elder Regalado (from Colombia) who is also training as well, we are together because we both dont have companions, We are in his area right now (La Costanera) which is next to my area. He is an awesome missionary, super funny, super columbiano. Tomorrow we will be going together to Resistencia to get our new missionaries. ALSO, since the sisters were taken out of Armenia, their area has been split up into two pieces, and the zone leaders and I will each be taking a piece of their area. So we were 6 missionaries in armenia, with 3 areas, but now we are 4 missionaries with 2 areas. So I have a lot more area now, new space to roam and new people to meet! That should be good, because I was getting a little tired of my area. haha. It was pretty small. Now my area is gigantic. I am super happy about all the changes, it should be fun to get to know Elder Dana and Elder Allred. I already know that both of them are awesome missionaries. They both speak really good spanish. I am super excited to start training! I would truly appreciate it if all you guys could pray for my new missionary that I am training so that he can feel comfortable here and that I can help show him how great the mission is. So we will see how this first week goes! I know that the Lord will be right there with me helping me every step of the way. I am nervous but excited, I know that if I trust in the Lord he will help me know what I should do. Thank you all for your support, I hope that you have a great week! Thank you for your emails!

Elder Miles

P.S., attached are a few photos! The first picture is a cake that I made that turned out delicious. WHAT?! I learned how to make cake? Thats cool. It was for the birthday of Elder Mejia (Mexico), he was serving in La Costanera (the area next to me, the ex companion of Elder Regalado, but he just got transfered). Then the next picture is all of the elders from the zone of Corrientes 2. We all got together to say good bye to Elder Pacheco. Then the last photo is Lio´s baptism with Elder Pacheco, Elder Stout and I. 

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