Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Hola familia, amigos mios!

How is everyone? This was good for me! Pretty interesting. I was with Elder Regalado (a missionary from colombia in my zone who is also training) until wednesday. We went and discovered new land in my area since they took out the sisters and my area is a little bigger now. Pretty cool! More lunches with members! haha. And then the day came! Wednesday. We went to Resistencia to pick up the new missionaries. I am with Elder de Freitas, from Uruguay! He is a good little guy. He comes from a family of all members, he got baptized when he was 10 years old, he is 19 years old and he worked as a carpinter before the mission. He was in the Buenos Aires MTC for two weeks. He is very shy and timid and its hard for him to talk to people but he tries hard. So we got back to my area and started working. Unfortunately, the second day he told me that he wanted to go home. I was very distraught. Not again!.. He misses his family a lot. We went to Resistencia the next day and president Franco talked to him, his family talked to him, and we managed to get him to agree to staying at least for 1 transfer. So we went back to the area and we worked all this week, things are getting better, he says that he isnt missing his family so much so I think we might be able to save him! I am just trying super hard right now to help him feel comfortable here and to be constantly talking to him so that he doesnt have time to think about his family. We are being really obedient, and more than anything I am just trying to have fun with him so that he sees that yes, the mission is hard, but it can also be really fun. So I could really use all your prayers for Elder de Freitas this week! I feel a lot of pressure and stress. If only missionaries can stay for the first 12 weeks or so it gets easier from there.. And then the mission starts to change their lifes.  So I really hope that he can stick it out because I know that the mission will bless his life!

Apart from that, this week was good! We are still working with Dani, he is progressing real. I love seeing him follow through with his commitments and he is starting to see the truthfulness of the gospel. Thats what makes the mission all worth it. If he comes to church this sunday is possible that he gets baptized in two weeks! But besides that, we are just looking for new investigators! Winter ended here. Its already SO HOT. It should still be winter!!! What happened?! The photo attached is Elder de Freitas and I with his uruguay flag! 

Hey! We will be coming back to the cyber in a few hours because we got some things we gotta do. If I didnt respond to your email yet, I will respond to it later day! Also, if you would like to chat with me, I will be on at like 4 ish argentina time, 12ish utah time! Thanks for all your emails and support! 

Elder Miles

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