Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Aug 24th - 30th

Hello family!

This was pretty good! Actually it was probably one of the hardest weeks of the mission yet but I learned a lot. All of the investigators that we had fell through, but we found some other new good investigators but they didnt come to church this sunday. The first week of being here was super good but this week it got a little harder, things are a little rougher with my companion but I am learning a lot of patience and charity. But we are being very obedient and we are seeing a lot of blessings from that. I like being with Elder Gonzalez because we work hard and we have at least 3 lessons everyday, which is really good for us. For some reason the water in our apartment stopped working.. and all week we were living without water, which is a lot more difficult than you think! haha. Bucket showers, buying all the water for drinking, we couldnt wash dishes, etc. That was trial. But luckily we got it fixed today and the drought has ended. Yay! This week we had a multi-zone conference and I got to see all my friends from the MTC for the first time since we have completed the year mark, we took photos. Next week is transfers, so my P day will be tuesday. 

FAMILY! Thank you for the small package and letters, I loved it. I am giving a ton of stickers away to the all the kids we talk to and they love me, so thanks Nat! 

I dont really have anything else to say, I hope that you are all doing great, thank you for the emails and support!

Elder Miles

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