Wednesday, September 30, 2015

21st of September- Zoo failure

Friends & Family-

How are ya? This week was pretty good for us. Another week down. We saw a ton of blessings. We are working a lot in a neighborhood in our area called Doctor Montaña, which means, Doctor Mountain. The son of Doctor Pepper. haha. We found two boys named David and Adrian, they have a lot of potential. They both have had really hard lifes with family members passing away and they have a lot problems with drugs, but they want to change their lifes and they are really sincere. We are still working with Daniel and Alejandra but they didnt come to church this week. Last but not least we have Mariana, she goes to church with her aunt and uncle, Gonzalez Family, but her family is very catholic and we are still working on getting permission from her mom so that she can be baptized.. They all live in Doctor Montaña, so we are basically there almost all day now and we are contacting a lot there and we are finding a lot of people with potential. We had never gone to this neighborhood before because its really far away. We are seeing a lot of blessings there! 

Today for P day we went to a place called Paso de la Patria because there is a zoo there and we wanted to do something different this week so we decided to go. Ever since I came to Corrientes I have wanted to go to this zoo because I LOVE zoos and P day here is getting super boring. Its like a 45 minute drive. We went with Elder Williams and Elder Diaz. Elder Williams talked to a lot of people about when its open and everything and we talked to a lot of members and they all said that we would be good to go. So we went in a traveling van called a convey, a hot stuffy little van with like 20 other people in it. So we finally get there, right, we get to the big zoo gate, and its closed. They are only opened Saturday and Sunday and holidays. Boooo. There was a police man guy in the gate and we almost convinced him to let us in because we are from other countries but he didnt let us in. So we went to the beach in Paso de La Patria. Its a cool little town. On the other side of the river is Paraguay, so I got to see Paraguay. And then we went back. So we just got back like 15 minutes ago, we blew our whole P day. Haha. But we had fun.

This week should be a great week, I am super excited to keep working here. We are seeing a lot of success in the future and I am enjoying being with my companion. The mission is dificult but so rewarding. I am learning so much. I hope that you are all doing well, thank you for all the support. 

I will be sending pictures in a seperate emial.

Elder Miles

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