Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sept 7th - 13th

to Austin, Bailey, Granny, Jana, jeremebwhite, me, Mcrae, Michelle, Randall, Nat, Roger, Sierra, Stephenie, Sydney, Weston
Family & Friends-

This was a good week, a lot of difficulties but a lot of blessings. We tried our best to be super obedient. We learned that almost all problems in the companionship come from a lack of communication. So this week we made more of an effort to try to understand one another and explain ourselves clearly and its true, we have a lot more unity and things are going a lot better. Sunday at church we had 9 investigators at church. Woo! This week while contacting we found a woman named Alejandra. Her husband, Daniel, is a member from La Costanera, but for the last 20 years he has been inactive. Alejandra and her 2 kids came to church this week. Hopefully next sunday Daniel will be able to come as well. Then we had the Perez Family. Vanessa, the mom, is a less active member. Her husband and 3 kids came to church. We had Mariana, the niece of the Gonzalez Family (recent converts) that always assists but her mom has problems with her being baptized, and least but not least, Sister Guillermina, who has been going to church for a year now but needs her divorce to go through before she can be baptized. So sunday was a super happy day for us. On saturday we participated in the worldwide service project for the church, here in Corrientes we planted 30 trees in the Costanera. The Costanera is the biggest, prettiest city in Corrientes and there is a nice beach on the Parana River. We planted trees in a strip of grass in between the beach and the main road. All of the missionaries partipated and some of the members came too. So that was super fun to be with all the missionaries in Corrientes and I got to see all my friends from Armenia. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and I didnt take any pictures.

Things are going a lot better, I am liking this area and I am liking my companion more. I am learning a lot here. I testify of the gospel of Jesus Christ and his atonement.. that true peace and joy in this life are achieved through the reconciliation of the gospel. I love the words of Nephi when he always said that he "loves plainess".. I have learned that I love a plain way of living, a clean way of living. Obviously Im not perfect but I know that through grace and mercy of Jesus Christ I can feel the sanctifying power of the Holy Ghost and I know that I can be at one with my redentor through living the beautiful principles of the gospel. 

I believe its true that through obedience to the laws of the gospel that we can come to know the truth of ALL THINGS, all the mysteries of God.. but only through obedience and after the trial of our faith do we learn the divinity of them. This week and throughout all of my mission I have become my own first convert.

All things are well! I hope that you all have a great week, thank you for your emails and support. 

Elder Miles

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