Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sept. 28th 2015

Family and Friends!

Big news!! I got emergency transferred. Its not that I did anything bad or anything, someone went home and I was transferred to fill their gap. BUT, I am now in downtown Resistencia, my area is called Rio Negro, and I am the new zone leader of the zone Resistencia 1. BUT, the very coolest part is that my companion is: Elder Miles!!!!!! Wooooo!!!! Do you guys remember how I told you about the other Elder Miles that is in this mission and we were in the MTC and in Barranqueras together? Yep. We are companions. My first american companion in the mission. I am so happy!! We are truly brothers, I have never had such a good friend in the mission. His name is Garren Miles. So every contact that we do everybody asks.. "Why do you guys have the same exact name? Elder Miles? Are you brothers?" haha. But its awesome, we have a ton of unity and we are super good friends. God has blessed me.. I feel so humbled to be a zone leader. So I got transferred last thursday. On wednesday we had interviews with President Franco in Corrientes and he told me in the interview that I was going to get transferred and be a zone leader, and that my companion was going to be Elder Miles. Haha. It was so funny. It was sad for me to finally leave Corrientes after being there for 7 months but I LOVE Resistencia, its such a neat cool city and I love being so close to the biggest parks and the most downtown that there is in this mission. Our church building is the mission office, or in other words, where all the missionaries go every time we have a mission conference with all the missionaries and it is the biggest church that there is in my mission. In my ward, Rio Negro, there actually arent that many members, we had an attendance of 70 people this last sunday. But I already love this place, coming back to Resistencia has been great for me. The ward here is super cool, the bishop is great and I love being so close to President Franco. We dont have very many members in our area, in fact we dont have a single lunch with members, so we cook all our food ourselves. BUT, I am just so happy to be with Elder Miles here in Resistencia. This week we basically started from zero with investigators, Elder Miles and his companion had to spend a lot of time last week in the office talking to president because his companion went to his house, so they havent been working in their area very much. So Elder Miles and I are just contacting a lot and we actually found a lot of people with huge potental this week. The most promising investigators that found are Sebastian and Antonela, they were a reference from a guy in our ward. They are a young couple, he is catholic and she is evangelist, and they cant seem to agree on religion, but when they heard the restoration they liked it because they could kind of find stable ground and they said that they are looking for a religion that they can both agree on. So we are going to work with them a lot this week. The area is super pretty, half of it is like farm/country land with the pretty river "rio negro" and the other half is like city. Its a hard area but I am liking it. This week I have been learning all the responsablilites of zone leader. Elder Miles is a good teacher. We are super good friends, we are talking all the time and I know that we are going to be good friends for life. I really want to be the best zone leader that I can be to show God that I am grateful for the blessings that he has given to me. So this was a great week for me, truly an answer to my prayers. All is well! I hope that you guys are all doing good! Thank you for your emails and support. I will be sending pictures next week! 

-Elder Miles (Trevor) haha.

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